MTA To Install Netting Under 4 Elevated Subway Lines In Manhattan And QueensAnother car in Queens was recently damaged by falling metal. It happened as the MTA announced a plan to keep people safe.
Caught On Video: Subway Flood Nearly Drags Man Into Oncoming TrainA subway platform looked more like a raging river during last night's downpour.
Exclusive: Victim Of Vicious Assault On Bronx MTA Bus Recounts Harrowing OrdealA Bronx man is speaking out after being beaten by a stranger on a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus.
Demanding Answers: Poison Ivy Patch In Long Island City Finally Gets MTA's AttentionPeople in Long Island City, Queens have been dealing with an itchy problem.
MTA's New Inspector General Releases Dozens Of Reports Of 'Appalling' Employee ConductThere is stunning new evidence of Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees behaving badly.
MTA Sends Out Inspectors After Softball-Size Piece of Debris Falls On CBS2 News Truck In QueensLook out for flying concrete! A chunk fell from a subway overpass and onto a truck on Wednesday in Queens.
Considering Serious Changes, MTA Board May Shift Transit Guru Byford To More Diminished RoleThe board is expected to get proposals -- as early as Monday -- on how to restructure the agency. That could mean a different role for city transit chief Andy Byford.
Fare Evasion On The Rise, Costing MTA Hundreds Of Millions Of DollarsFare evasion isn’t just a nuisance, the MTA is losing hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, the governor is stepping in to help curb the growing problem.
Gov. Cuomo Blasts Rash Of Attacks On MTA Workers: 'Public Employees Must Be Protected'The latest assault raises concerns for the transit workers union, which has been calling for more protection.
Gov. Cuomo Blasts MTA After 2 Time Clocks Allegedly VandalizedOn Sunday, the governor called the agency's time-keeping system a failure. 
MTA Says LIRR Overtime-Tracking Clock Was Tampered WithThe MTA is looking into possible sabotage. It appears someone cut the wires on a Long Island Rail Road clock meant to track overtime at a station in Jamaica, Queens.