Millennials Ditching The Doctor; What’s At StakeMore and more millennials are ditching the doctor and many don’t even have a primary care physician, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some doctors say this could lead to people overlooking serious health issues.
Adulting Classes For Millennials Continue To ExpandMillennials lacking life skills - like cooking, budgeting, or time management -- are now signing up for classes designed to teach them those basics.
Monopoly For Millennials: What Should Be On The Board?A new "Monopoly For Millennials" game has replaced properties with "experiences" and things-to-do instead.
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Millennials Ditch The Workplace, Opt For More Nomadic LifestylesA record number of millennials are quitting their jobs, because they don’t want to be tied down.
Generation Z Is About To Completely Change The U.S. WorkforceAccording to consulting firm BridgeWorks, there are 61 million members of the generation born between 1996 to 2010 living in the United States.
Millennials Pile Up Debt To Keep Up With Their Friends, Survey FindsThe fear of missing out, or FOMO, is reportedly driving many millennials into serious debt.
A Third Of Millennials Aren't Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey FindsThe national poll reveals that 18 to 24-year-olds are the largest group in the country who refuse to accept the scientific facts of the world's shape.
Millennial Shoppers Breathing New Life Into Thrift StoresPeople are finding some real gems in Goodwill stores these days, and a big reason for that is all the donations coming in from younger people.
More Long Island Millennials Find Themselves Living With ParentsSome say you can never go back home again, but new statistics show that more millennials are moving in with their parents – especially on Long Island.
Millennial Stereotypes: True Or False?Elle McLogan digs into the accusations aimed at her generation.