Vaccine Helps Body's Immune System Recognize, Kill Cancer CellsDoctors say cancer patients who have received the vaccine are getting partial and complete remissions.
'One Of The Most Powerful Medical Therapies Ever' May Improve Stroke Survival Odds, Sucks Out Blood ClotsThere's a major change to New York City's EMS system that should dramatically improve the chance of surviving a major stroke. 
Preschool Program May Offer Longterm Heart Health BenefitIt's all about prevention, which is much better than trying to fix heart disease and bad habits once they've started.
How To Get Guys To The Doctor? Make It A NY Sports Lover's Man CaveMan Cave Health opens this week to get more men tested for prostate cancer.
Researchers Look To Gold To Help Combat Prostate CancerWe're used to seeing gold in our jewelry, but what about in medicine? More specifically -- cancer medicine.
Tiny Implant Revolutionizes Way Doctors Can Treat Chronic Nerve PainThe newly approved chronic pain blocker is very different from others and treats different types of pain.
CBS2 Exclusive: Father, 2 Teens Rescued From Frigid Waters After Boat Capsizes In Mount Sinai HarborAuthorities say 47-year-old James Knipe, a multiple sclerosis survivor from Middle Island, was coming back from duck hunting with his son, James, 17, and 16-year-old Kendrick Pisano, of Miller Place, in a boat in the harbor when their vessel took on water and overturned.
Tiny Bits Of Gold Could Hold Key To Treating Prostate Cancer Without The Side EffectsWhat do tiny bits of gold and laser beams have in common? Combined they are the latest technique for treating prostate cancer.
Police: Long Island Baby Sitter Arrested After Driving Intoxicated With 4 Kids In CarSabrina Macri, 19, faces several charges including driving while intoxicated, child endangerment, possession of a controlled substance and other counts.
Long Island Brothers Plead Not Guilty After Weapons, Drugs Found In HomeEdward Perkowski, 29, faces numerous weapons and drug possession charges, police said. His younger brother, 25-year Sean Perkowski, was charged with an outstanding bench warrant.
Police: Long Island Brothers Arrested After Weapons, Neo-Nazi Materials Found In HomeSuffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini said the house was filled with weapons, drugs and hate.