Byford Enjoyed 2 Successful Years With MTA, But Reportedly Grew Frustrated Over Clashes With Gov. CuomoTransit Authority President Andy Byford became such a rock star here that his legion of fans called him "Train Daddy" and posted stickers with his picture.
MTA: Bed Bugs To Blame For Subway Delays In QueensAll trains are back on schedule.
First Of 500 New MTA Police Officers Sworn InThe new officers will be assigned to New York City transit, the Long Island Railroad and Metro-North.
MTA Unveils First Look At Next Generation Of Subway CarsThe first test cars will be ready by the end of the year.
Commuter Alert: MTA Starts Fining Drivers Caught On Camera Blocking 14th Street Bus LanesThe MTA installed forward-facing cameras on the buses themselves back in November to capture cars blocking bus lanes.
Area Transit Agencies Meet With Start-Up Companies To Discuss Modernizing Public TransportationThere's a new effort to make sure public transportation keeps up with technology.
Awkwafina Becomes Quirky New Voice Of MTA Info On 7 Subway LineQueens-native Awkwafina is the new celebrity announcer of such gems as "Friendly reminder that seats are for people, not your bags."
Angry Queens Residents Pack MTA Meeting To Address Bus Route Redesign ConcernsOutside, the line to get in stretched around the block.
Residents That Live Near LIRR's Third Track Project Dealing With A Lot Of Shake, Rattle And RollSome homeowners along the LIRR main line say their complaints to the MTA about intolerable noise and shaking homes have been falling on deaf ears.
Yonkers Battling With New York City Over MTA Bus Depot Sitting On Prime Waterfront Real EstateA long-standing dispute over prime waterfront property in downtown Yonkers is heating up. The land is owned by New York City, but Yonkers wants it back. 
MTA Reports Raccoon-Related Delays Are On The RiseThe MTA says raccoons were to blame for nearly 90 transit delays in 2019 – compared to 18 the year before.