Police: Woman Sought For Spraying Unknown Substance On Bus DriverPolice said the passenger sprayed the substance on board a M60 bus on East 125th Street.
Police: Unlicensed Candy Vendor Arrested At East Harlem Subway StationVideo posted on social media shows officers handcuffing 26-year-old Shark Byron on Tuesday evening at the 125th Street station.
Protesters Accuse NYPD Of 'Over-Policing' In Detainment Of 2 Women Selling Churros On SubwayCops ticketed 41-year-old Maria Corillo on Monday morning at the Myrtle-Wyckoff station in Bushwick for "unlicensed general vending" while selling churros, a fried dough pastry.
MTA's Contactless OMNY Fare Payment System Coming To More StationsOMNY - which rolled out at 16 stations in May - allows passengers to tap a scanner with a contactless credit or debit card or smart device. 
MTA Delays Increased Rates For Metro-North Parking LotsThe MTA had proposed to raise annual parking permit fees at 25 facilities by an average of 13% per year.
MTA Board Expected To Approve Parking Permit Fee Increase At 25 Metro-North FacilitiesThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority will vote this week on a proposal that will hit some commuters in the pocketbook.
MTA Tells NYC To Back Off Brooklyn Homeowners, Residents Not Responsible For Fixing Subway Retaining WallOn Friday, MTA officials said they are legally responsible for maintaining the wall and not homeowners who live along the B and Q subway lines.
NYC Transit Authority Announces Plan To Combat Falling Subway DebrisThe plan includes efforts to make the parts that keep the tracks together from falling in the first place.
Brooklyn Homeowners Take Issue With City, Say Subway Line Retaining Wall Fixes Are MTA's ResponsibilityA war over an aging retaining wall in Brooklyn has neighbors fuming.
Bus-Boarding Platforms Being Installed Along 14th Street To Speed Up Service, Clear SidewalksThe idea is to create a dedicated space for customers to wait for and board buses, making it faster, more convenient and safer to get from the sidewalk to the bus.
Vandals Cover Subway Car With Graffiti On Halloween NightPolice said vandals struck a D train at the Norwood 205th Street subway station in the Bronx.