Manhattan DA Reviewing Malcolm X Murder CaseThree men were arrested and convicted, but now the Netflix documentary "Who Killed Malcolm X" has revealed new facts about the murder.
The Collaboration Of A Lifetime: Scorsese's Epic 'The Irishman'Saturday at 11:30pm on CBS2: Legendary director, Martin Scorsese and acting icons Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino take you behind the scenes of their universally acclaimed movie, 'The Irishman'.
Netflix To Reopen Famed Paris Theatre In ManhattanThe streaming media giant announced on Monday it had started a new lease on the 71-year-old venue to use it for Netflix-original movie debuts, special events and other screenings.
Anna Sorokin Case: Netflix Movie Deal For Fake German Heiress? Not So Fast...Prosecutors have asked a New York judge to prevent the con artist Anna Sorokin from cashing in on a Netflix production expected to highlight the extravagant ruse that landed the woman who posed as a German heiress in state prison.
Experts Worry Netflix Show '13 Reasons Why' Drove Spike In Youth SuicidesA study reveals that in the month of the show's debut, March 2017, there was a 28.9 percent increase in suicide among people ages 10 to 17.
Cuomo: Netflix Expanding In NYC, Adding Jobs, Sound StagesNetflix will expand its operations in New York City, adding 127 jobs in its Manhattan marketing and development office and building six sounds stages in Brooklyn where thousands of productions jobs will be located, New York officials announced Thursday.
'Tidying Up' Trend Has People Rethinking The Way They OrganizeA tidal wave of tidying up seems to be sweeping the nation. Celebrities are scanning their junk drawers, canines are canvassing their toys, and seemingly endless social media posts boast the hashtags #TidyingUp or #KonMari.
Netflix To Fans: Please Beware ‘Bird Box’ Blindfold Challenge DangersPeople are imitating a new show by blindfolding themselves and trying to navigate the world, often with awkward or dangerous results.
Netflix Job Posting Calls For Professional Binge WatchingNetflix is looking to hire an "editorial analyst" to watch, categorize, and rate their catalogue of shows and movies.
Netflix Warns Subscribers Of Phishing ScamA new scam is taking aim at Netflix subscribers.
Netflix Severs Ties With Kevin SpaceyThe decision comes days after Netflix halted production of its popular series “House of Cards” amid sexual harassment and assault allegations made against the star.