Gov. Andrew Cuomo Unveils State Budget With Hopes Of Receiving $15 Billion From WashingtonCall it a tale of two states -- one with drastic cuts and tax hikes, or one with loads of new programs to begin the COVID recovery.
'Marie Antoinette Of The Senate': Cuomo, King Blast McConnell's 'Vicious' Push To Bankrupt New YorkMcConnell suggested on a radio show that Republicans should oppose additional aid for state and local governments such as New York and New Jersey in future coronavirus relief bills in what he later called a "blue state bailout."
What Deficit? Gov. Cuomo To Work Some Fiscal Magic In $178B New York State BudgetThe state has a $6 billion shortfall, but the governor has a plan to fix that problem too.
How Late Is Late? 'On Time' Guidelines For LIRR Service ChangingThe Long Island Rail Road will have to change the way it reports on-time performance thanks to the new state budget.
Exactly How Will NYC Congestion Pricing Fees Work?Contributor Mark Peters talks on how congestion pricing fees will impact drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Avenue.
New York State Budget: Congestion Pricing Coming To ManhattanIt has worked in cities like London and Singapore and state lawmakers are hoping congestion pricing will decrease traffic in New York City, too.
Gov. Cuomo Proud Of State Budget, Calling It 'Probably The Strongest Progressive Statement That We've Made'The actual voting began around noon on Sunday on a $175 billion budget, the second highest of any state in the nation.
Congestion Pricing Plan Gains Support In AlbanyState lawmakers are voicing support for congestion pricing -- the plan to charge vehicles a fee to enter parts of Manhattan.
CBS2 Presses Gov. Cuomo On Less Government Spending To Counter High Rate Of Income And Sales TaxesIt's budget time in Albany. Lawmakers have certain programs they want funded. So where are they finding the money?
State Funding Cuts Have Long Island Lawmakers ConcernedLawmakers on Long Island say funding cuts in the governor's budget came out of left field. They were not expecting to lose millions of dollars in money they say they have counted on from Albany for years.
Gov. Cuomo Includes Limo Safety Reform In Budget PlanNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has included safety reforms for limousines in his state budget proposal in response to the October crash of a stretch limo that killed 20 people in an upstate town.