Nina In New York: Eat This, Not That. No, Not That Either. Or This, For That Matter.It seems to me that the moral of the story is that all edible substances, no matter how well-regulated, possess the potential to sicken.
Nina In New York: Forget It, Nina, It's Scootertown.Once, I swore I'd never be a scooter parent. Naturally, my principles and words have been rendered utterly meaningless.
Nina In New York: A Practical Guide To Social Interactions While PregnantStrangers just say the darndest things to pregnant women. Now you can say some things back!
Nina In New York: Got A Kid Who Loves Sweets? Don't Worry, You're Probably Not A Terrible ParentAccording to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics, kids who prefer sweet snacks over salty ones are at a higher risk for excess weight gain and obesity
Nina In New York: French Fries, Monster Fungi And The End Of The WorldSometimes we get a rare peek into the reality of life in the future, and it sure is terrifying.
Nina In New York: What I Did On My Kid's Spring VacationThere comes a time in every parents' life when they must pack a bag, take a deep breath, and depart with their child(ren) on some sort of amusement park vacation. This week was my time.
Nina In New York: Exercise Equivalent Calorie Counts Are The Wave Of The Future For Creative ProcrastinatorsWould caloric content start to make sense to consumers if it were paired with the amount of exercise required to burn those calories? Um, sure. We swear we'll go to the gym tomorrow.
Nina In New York: We Are The Champions (Of Paid Family Leave)Just last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that grants New Yorkers the most generous family leave policy in the country. The country!
Nina In New York: Everything And Nothing Brings Me Joy, Okay?Nina in New York on the trials of the KonMari cleaning method.
Nina In New York: Science Says Hit The Snooze, LadiesAccording to a study from Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Center in England, women officially need more sleep than men due to their exceedingly complex, highly functioning brains.
Nina In New York: Hunting The Most Dangerous Game (The Easter Egg)Not far from the deranged scene at the PEZ Visitor Center, my daughter and I attended and participated in our own very first Easter egg hunt.
Nina In New York: Pregnant And Stressed? Don't Stress! Seriously, Stop It.A new study out of UCLA posits that women who suffer from chronic stress during pregnancy are at a higher risk for having babies who suffer from low birth weight.
Nina In New York: How To Feed Your Toddler Lunch In 51 Easy StepsNina in New York explains the trials of toddler lunchtime.
Nina In New York: Standing At Work Probably Won't Help You, But Sitting Will Definitely Still Kill YouDid you trade your desk chair for a standing workstation? Well, you're still just a fashionable goner.
Nina In New York: Daylight Saving Time Revealed Simply To Be Massive Jerk In Exclusive InterviewWe've sprung forward yet again, victims for another year of an incomprehensible, institutionalized system of torment. I sat down for a phone call with Daylight Saving Time itself last week in the hopes of finding some much-needed answers.