Nina In New York: Gender Equality Needs To Start From The Bottom(s) UpIs there some rule that says a girl can't learn to use the potty if she isn't wearing frilly panties?
Nina In New York: The Fourth Jonas, Who Was Gone Too SoonThere's something magical about snow that makes the world feel quiet and new and full of possibilities. Possibilities that never seemed real before. Like potty training your kid.
Nina In New York: Confessions Of A Basic MotherNow that I am deep in the trenches of toddler parenting, there have been so many more surprises.
Nina In New York: Eat More Fish Or Your Baby Won't Succeed In Life On Any LevelThere's nothing to worry about as long as you follow the simple and completely reasonable guidelines for keeping yourself and your unborn child healthy during your gestation.
Nina In New York: Lying: A New Milestone To Which Your Toddler Should AspireAccording to research findings by a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, as reported in The Wall Street Journal, lying among preschoolers is a sign of developmental precociousness and future success.
Nina In New York: A Series Of Flu Season Memos From Your Child's SchoolIt has come to our attention that a child in the school has been diagnosed with . . .
Nina In New York: Welcome To The Dollhouse, But Don't Touch It Cause It's MineAs soon as I unpacked that darling set of perfect little bunny relatives and their phenomenally adorable accessories the size of my child's pinky fingernail—baby pacifier, picnic food, carseat, kitchen tools, eyeglasses—some long-ignored switch in my brain got flipped.
Nina In New York: Resolutions For An Average New Year!In the spirit of the new year and of being a joiner, I'll contribute to the group with my version of a list of resolutions.
Nina In New York: Back To School Blues (Seriously, I'm Very Sad, I Swear)Oh, will ya look at the time! Back to school already? All that playing and eating and engaging in daily hygiene rituals really make you lose track of the hours of unscheduled time at home with a toddler.
Nina In New York: All I Want For Christmas (And You Can, Too)A fully fleshed out story and great attention to detail are required for this to be believable.
Nina In New York: Holiday Tidings From Outer SpaceThat zany Mars rover, Curiosity, has some exciting new findings to share with us all.
Nina In New York: All I Want For Christmas Is Everything You've GotHey mom. It's me, your toddler. I'm only 2 1/2, but I feel like I've learned a lot in my brief years.
Nina In New York: You're Doing Everything WrongIt's important to keep in mind that your child probably won't spend the rest of both of your lives throwing this particular tantrum. It must eventually end, somehow.
Nina In New York: Happiness Isn't All Its Cracked Up To BeIt turns out happiness won't help anyone live longer. May as well turn that upside-down frown back where it belongs.
Nina In New York: Scientific Breakthrough: More PuppiesBecause when the going gets tough and push comes to shove and the smoke clears and the chips fall, I think we can all set aside our differences and anxieties and agree that PUPPIES.