Health Officials Preparing For Worst As Coronavirus Spikes NationwideMany people are calling this a third wave of COVID-19, but it's really the latest and largest spike in what is still the first wave.
Max Minute: CDC Warns Doctors About Adult Version Of Inflammatory Disease Affecting Some Children With COVIDThis could mean that some -- it's unknown how many -- of the 8 million and growing COVID-infected Americans could later develop the potentially life-threatening MIS-A.
COVID-19 Survivor Who Nearly Died From Breathing Complications Thanks Doctors Who Saved HerShe was released from rehab in May but then started having trouble breathing.
Northwell Health CEO Declares Racism A Public Health CrisisThe largest private employer in New York state is pledging to do something to bridge the divide.
Questions Abound About 3-Drug Cocktail President Trump Is Taking To Combat COVID-19As President Donald Trump recovering from COVID-19 at the White House, a number of questions are being asked about his apparent rapid recovery.
Schools: The New Normal | Health Expert Says Hand Washing, Social Distancing Are Most Important Protocols During In-Person ClassesQuestions are being raised about how to keep children safe from COVID-19 as many return to school for in-person classes.
Long Islanders Looking For Green Alternatives Going Car Free For A Day After Study Says Counties' Traffic Delays Could DoubleA new report says traffic on Long Island wastes billion of dollars and millions of hours every year.
Northwell Health CEO Tells CBS2 Why His Hospital System Never Got Overwhelmed During Height Of Coronavirus PandemicWith New York's coronavirus infection rate now the lowest in the nation, experts are calling the state America's success story.
Theodore Alston, 77, Discharged From Long Island Hospital After Nearly 5 Month Battle With Coronavirus; 'They Brought Me Back To Life'Thursday was discharge day for Theodore Alston, who was isolated from his family for four-and-a-half months
7-Year-Old Girl Donates Piggy Bank Money To Northwell Health: 'I Wanted To Bring A Smile To All Of Their Faces'She's been learning how to save money to buy an American Girl doll.
JAMA Coronavirus Study Of Northwell Health Hospitals Reveals Variety Of Helpful Data, Says Former Local Health CommissionerA new study of how coronavirus patients are doing at some of our major hospitals could have big implications for measures to help re-open the economy.