My Child Hates Their Teacher! What Should I Do?Angry or frustrated kids may fleetingly express hatred for their teacher and it can be hard for parents to know when their complaint is serious and requires action or if their child is just blowing off steam. Figuring out exactly what’s going on can be tricky, but here are some tips that may help.
Handling Bad GradesJust what is the appropriate response to a bad grade?
How Can You Help Your Child Be Challenged in School?A child who is consistently coming home from school exhausted and complaining about being bored is trying to tell you something. Figuring out what is at the root of the problem, however, may not always be easy.
How Will The Common Core Standards Affect Your Child?The jury may still be out about this evidence-based system, but here is what you need to know about the shifts in your child’s classroom this year.
Bullying in SchoolYou can armor your child against bullies if you keep your eyes open to the signs, remain calm and respond appropriately.
Raising The Rank: What Can You Do To Improve Your School's Rating?Your child’s report card, in large part, is determined by their commitment, work ethic, environment and support system. Your child’s school also gets a report card from the Department of Education once per year. The stakes are high, with children’s futures often hanging in the balance. What can parents do to up their school’s rank?
Homework and YouEvery child is different and each requires a differing amount of homework help, but there are specific guidelines, based upon the child’s age and grade, that parents can use as a jump-off point. Here’s a grade-by-grade guide to follow, keeping your own child’s specific needs in mind.
The No Child Left Behind ActReinvigorated by President Obama in 2010, No Child Left Behind represents an auspicious goal requiring a long trajectory, ultimately leading to a stronger, more competitive and better educated America. As promising as this all sounds, for most parents the seminal question is simply, “What does this mean for my child?”