Coronavirus Update: Firefighters Surprise NYU Langone Medical Center Staff With Applause To Show SupportPart of that staff at NYU includes medical students who graduated early and headed straight for the front lines of the pandemic.
Firefighters Contain 2-Alarm Fire At NYU Langone Medical Center BuildingVideo from the scene showed thick, black smoke coming from a building, which is believed to be under construction, at 30th Street and First Avenue.
Mississippi Firefighter Feels Normal Again After Historic Face TransplantA Mississippi firefighter who received the world's most extensive face transplant after a burning building collapsed on him said Wednesday that he feels like "a normal guy'' for the first time in 15 years.
Tiny Pacemaker Receives FDA ApprovalA pacemaker has to have a sensor to tell when the heartbeat is going wrong, a generator to deliver electricity to normalize the rhythm and a battery to power all that. You can now get all that in something the size of a big vitamin tablet.
Medical Research Goes Mobile With Apple ResearchKitNew apps like Apple's ResearchKit have allowed potential medical research subjects to participate in studies on the go -- making the process simple and even entertaining
Mississippi Firefighter Receives Groundbreaking Face Transplant At NYC HospitalA Mississippi volunteer firefighter badly burned in a fire 14 years ago has received the most extensive face transplant ever performed.
Seen At 11: DNA Swabs Bring A More Personal Focus To Skin CareThe simple cheek swab will help a subject learn more about her skin and the specific areas she should focus on.
Seen At 11: Your Body Could Soon Replace Your PasswordsFingerprints or iris scans to access computers is said to be easier to use and much more secure. But even as technology improves, so do opportunities for hackers.
Study: Tri-State Area Air Quality Could Raise Risk Of StrokeA new study from NYU Langone Medical Center says those already at high risk need to be careful
MTA Police, Metro-North Fire Brigade & Commuter Save Man's Life In Grand CentralOn Jan. 23, 70-year-old Moises Dreszer and his wife were walking through Grand Central Terminal around 4:20 p.m. when Dreszer suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.
CBS2 Investigates: Gluten-Free Products Could Contain Harmful IngredientA growing number of people are turning to gluten free food, but many are unaware that it often contains a potentially harmful ingredient.