OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Files For Bankruptcy Days After Opioid Deal With NY, Other StatesAccording to the drugmaker, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy settlement is worth $10 billion and will go towards addressing the opioid crisis.
Experts Warn On Deadly Addiction Risks Of Opioids Given After Wisdom Teeth RemovalThere's a new warning out about painkiller addiction and how it can start after a common surgery.
Johnson & Johnson At Center Of Landmark Trial Against Drug Makers Tied To Opioid CrisisOpening statements were made Tuesday in a landmark trial that could determine whether states can hold drug makers responsible for the opioid crisis.
New York To Sue Family Behind OxyContin Production, MarketingThe state's attorney general filed the nation's most extensive lawsuit against drug makers for allegedly creating the opioid epidemic.
Merger Of New Jersey Care Groups Seen As Boon For Mental Health ServicesOne of the oldest and largest behavioral health systems is joining with one of the largest hospital systems in New Jersey.
Health Roundup: Opioid Crisis Update, When To Start Kids In School, Healing Heat Of SaunasDr. Max Gomez, highlights top medical trends making headlines this week.
Suffolk County Unveils Treatment-Based CARE Justice Program In Its War Against OpioidsIt is being hailed as a bold and innovate approach to the opioid epidemic -- a new form of justice for low-level drug offenders in Suffolk County.
In Shadow Of Opioid Crisis, Recovering Addict Pays It Forward To Hungry EMTsA restaurant was the scene of a sublime act of gratitude when a group of EMTs coming off shift found their meal paid for.
Kiosks To Be Installed In Bronx Parks In Hopeful Attempt Top Cut Down On Discarded NeedlesUsed needles are seen scattered among swings and slides. The city says as many as 5,000 used syringes are discarded a week in one borough alone.
Doggie Narcan Helps Save K-9s On The Front Lines Of The Opioid CrisisPolice officers are being trained to treat overdoses in dogs with the same drug used on humans – naloxone, or Narcan.
De Blasio Backs Plan To Open Supervised Injection SitesDozens of supervised injection sites have opened in Canada, Europe and elsewhere in the past decade, but there are currently none in the U.S.