New Report On Long Island Opioids Epidemic Offers Glimmer Of Hope, But Much Work RemainsA new report on the opioid crisis finds that it could be costing Long Island's economy billions.
Memorial Honoring Opioid Crisis Victims On Display At LI MallEvery 24 minutes, the machine carves a new face because every 24 minutes, another American dies from a prescription overdose.
N.J. School Board Introduces New Video To Help Student-Athletes Combat OpioidsNew Jersey has a new tactic to prevent kids from getting hooked on opioids, especially student-athletes.
Experts Pushing For More Widespread Use Of Medication To Fight Opioid AddictionAn expert says when paired with counseling, it is the most effective way to treat the problem.
Long Island Lawmakers Hope To Pass 'Death By Dealer' Law Allowing Homicide Charges For Drug DealersLong Island lawmakers and parents are hoping to pass a new law making drug dealers more accountable when a user dies from an overdose.
In Opioid Epidemic First, Drug Company Executive Charged With ConspiracyLaurence Doud III obliterated red flags to turn his small New York firm into a supplier of last resort for independent pharmacies whose dubious practices got them cut off by other distributors, an indictment alleges.
New York To Sue Family Behind OxyContin Production, MarketingThe state's attorney general filed the nation's most extensive lawsuit against drug makers for allegedly creating the opioid epidemic.
'Drug Dealers In White Coats': 5 Doctors, Pharmacist Among Those Charged With Distributing Millions Of Oxycodone Pills"Part of what is driving this opioid epidemic is a prescription epidemic," said Geoffrey Berman, US Attorney for Southern District of New York.
Opioid Epidemic: New Jersey Mulls Expansion Of Medical Marijuana Program To Treat AddictionMore than 22,000 people in New Jersey died of drug overdoses in 2016.
New Jersey Lawmakers Propose Opioid Education For Students In Grades 7-12If passed, students would be taught how to administer an opioid antidote, like naloxone, to an overdose victim in an emergency.
New Hope In Opioid Crisis? Researchers Believe They Are Close To A Non-Addictive PainkillerThe team said it wanted to make a drug that is a total replacement for the opioids currently on the market.