‘Daddy Dolls’ Help Keep Baby’s Parents Close When Far Away"Daddy Dolls" are specially made for military families with images of deployed loved ones in uniforms on them.
Study: Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In LifeThe Harvard study involved more than 100,000 men and women from 29 countries.
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New App Changing Way Parents, Kids Handle ChoresIn today’s high-tech world, many parents are no longer giving their kids cash to do chores. Now, there are allowance apps that help parents teach kids how to be financially responsible while earning money.
'I Wish My Mom's Phone Wasn't Invented': Child's Complaint Goes ViralThe child was reportedly one of four students in the class who wished cell phones had never been invented and that their parents spent more time with them.
Fun On The Farm Helps Kids Disconnect From Electronics, Reconnect With NatureAllaire Community Farm hosted Children’s Mental Health Day, a day for kids to slow down and get back in touch with nature.
‘Helicopter Children:’ More And More Adults Trying To Control Their Elderly Parents’ Every MoveSome adult children try to dictate what their elderly parents do each day – their medical care, what they eat, where they go and how they get there.