Rescued Beagle "Buddy Mercury" Sings and Plays Piano Better Than YouThis dog can do a lot more than just sit, roll over, and play dead -- Buddy Mercury has the gift of song!
Garbage Haulers Almost Throw Away Piano Donated By Jersey City MayorJersey City Mayor Steven Fulop set up a piano this week in the new Newark Avenue pedestrian plaza, but it almost ended up getting hauled away by the garbage men.
Grand Piano Found In East River Under Brooklyn BridgeNew Yorkers were mystified Friday about how a grand piano ended in of the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge.
10-Year-Old Piano Prodigy From Indonesia Takes New York By StormJoey Alexander is only 10 years old, but he has musical talent well beyond his years.
Record Set In Greenwich Village For Largest Keyboard EnsembleA total of 175 people, both professional and amateur, tickled the electronic ivories
American Classical Pianist Van Cliburn Dies At 78Van Cliburn, the internationally celebrated pianist whose triumph at a 1958 Moscow competition helped thaw the Cold War and launched a spectacular career that made him the rare classical musician to enjoy rock-star status, died Wednesday.
Jazz Pioneer Dave Brubeck Dies At 91Russell Gloyd, Brubeck's manager, says he died Wednesday morning of heart failure, after being stricken while on his way to a cardiology appointment with his son. He would have turned 92 on Thursday.
Piano Man: Struggling Actor Takes To Music In Tough EconomyOne man's way of coping with the economic situation is music to a lot of people's ears. Struggling actor Dotan Negrin turned to ticking the ivories to make a living.
Piano Teacher Sends Lessons From Chicago To Long Island, And BeyondHave you ever thought about learning to play the piano, but just don't have the time to get to a lesson every week? There's one teacher who says you don't even have to leave your house, and neither does he.
Upside Down Piano Performers Dazzle At MOMAStanding in a hole carved in the center of a piano, Evan Shinners reaches over the top playing from above and using his feet to push the instrument across floors. It’s not a joke. It’s the latest exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.
It Wouldn't Be The Holidays Without 'The Nutcracker'It's unmistakable - the Sugarplum Fairy's solo in Tchaikovsky's classic ballet.