Long Island Mother, Son Deliver Goodie Bags To Elderly To Spread Kindness During PandemicA mother and son from Long Island are helping provide smiles for seniors - one goodie bag at a time.
Long Island Teen Launches Eco-Friendly Refill Business, Says Taking Small Steps 'Creates The Movement'He purchased eco-friendly shampoos and soaps and set up in front of his house and at a local market in Port Washington. All you have to do is swing by for a refill.
Pets Rescued From Louisiana Following Hurricane Delta Arrive At Long Island ShelterWorkers from the Long Island-based rescue shelter traveled to the Gulf Region to bring the animals north.
Vandals Spray-Paint Swastikas Throughout Port Washington Police Athletic League BuildingVandals found spray paint in the office. It was used just last week to cover up white supremacy graffiti at the baseball field.
Long Island Woman Raises Thousands Of Majestic Monarch Butterflies, Prepares Them For An Epic FlightOne of the joys of the season is the stunning sight of a monarch butterfly.
Testing Positive For Coronavirus Not So Positive After All, 'We Can’t Assume Anything'Unexpected test results made headlines this past week when 14 sailors aboard a U.S. Navy ship tested positive for coronavirus, then tested negative twice, then came up COVID positive yet again.
Bartering Goods, Services Becomes The Norm In Long Island Neighborhood During Coronavirus PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic has led to a whole new way of doing business in one of our suburban neighborhoods.
Coronavirus Update: Recovering Long Island Mom Has Big Plans For SurvivorsA Long Island mother, one of the first diagnosed with coronavirus, has been keeping a video diary of her recovery and has launched a survivors Facebook page.
Coronavirus Update: Long Island Resident Tells Of Struggle To Get TestedThe federal government is vowing to expand coronavirus testing capabilities this week, but in the meantime patients in our area are unable to get tested, even though they are experiencing symptoms.
Long Island Village Considering Banning Feeding The GeeseIt has become something of a pastime in one Long Island village -- tossing some food to the neighborhood geese. But officials are now looking into a ban on the feeding frenzy.
Black History Month: Long Island Memorializing Freed Slave Homeowner Cato SandsLong Island once had the largest slave population of any rural area in the north for most of the Colonial Era.