New Jersey To Deploy 'Pothole Killers' To Fix Roads After Rough WinterEven with a break from wintry weather, many local roads are still a mess.
Potholes Causing Problems For Many Across Tri-State AreaPotholes are causing problems for drivers on roads around the Tri-State area after another round of snow and sleet Tuesday night.
Winter Weather Means More Pothole Problems Across Tri-StatePothole season has gone into full swing, and some drivers have found themselves with their cars damaged or even trashed.
CBS2 Investigates: As Winter Sets In, What Is Being Done To Fix The City’s Pothole Problem?Potholes have become just another part of the daily grind fro New Yorkers. So much so that a national study found more than 50 percent of New York's roads are in poor condition.
Jersey City Mayor Seeks Public's Help On PotholesThe streets in Jersey City have been battered by snow and freezing temperatures and are now pockmarked with potholes.
Road Crews Fixing Potholes Caught In Vicious CircleEven as crews patch potholes, new and existing craters continue to surface.
DOT Repairs Hundreds Of Potholes, But Many Drivers Still Fit To Be TiedThe DOT said it filled 1,100 potholes Thursday, focusing on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. The swings in temperature have carved out craters in roads across the Tri-State area.
NJ Crews Working Hard To Fix Plethora Of Potholes, Say Drivers Can Help Out TooCBS 2's Kathryn Brown was on pothole patrol Wednesday to find out what areas are the worst affected and what's being done to fix them.
Big Apple Paving Over PotholesThe New York City Department of Transportation started using 12 new electric screeds to fix potholes, paid for with $1.14 million in federal funds.
Councilmembers Want City To Pay For Your Pothole DamagesDid your car get damaged because of a pothole in the city? You may have a claim against the city.
Pothole Epidemic Hits Long IslandMore than 2,000 potholes have been reported so far this season in the town of Hempstead.