'It's Bad. They're Everywhere': CBS2's Pothole Patrol Seeks Out Problem Spots Across Tri-StateCar owners tell CBS2's Scott Rapoport it is beyond annoying: It's expensive. 
Nassau County Promises New Approach To Pothole PlagueNassau County officials say they filled more than 60,000 potholes last year.
Long Islanders Dealing With Roads Littered With PotholesPeak pothole season is still a good two or three months away, but already the crop is considerable and growing on Long Island.
Potholes Off Long Island Expressway Causing HeadachesPothole problems on Long Island have officials in one town saying the craters in their roads are particularly bad.
Gov. Cuomo Pledges Additional $100 Million To Repair Potholes Across New York StateIt's the unanticipated cost of our weird winter weather that -- hopefully -- is finally at an end. A new crop of potholes and driver anger.
Warmer Weather Causes Pothole Problems For City DriversThe pothole problem pops up every spring across the Tri-State Area, but with the season’s temperature swings, the crop is worse than usual.
With Temperature Swings, Potholes Causing Problems Earlier Than UsualBitterly cold temperatures followed by a warmup typically lead to potholes – and they are already a problem in the Tri-State Area with the temperature swings this winter.
Nor'easter Leaves Some Area Roads Pockmarked With PotholesThe nor’easter this week left behind a huge mess in the Tri-State Area that could take a while to clean up, particularly on the roads.
East New York Residents Say Pothole That Injured Firefighter Has Been A Problem Since Last YearA firefighter's job is tough enough, but on New York City's streets, just getting to a call can be dangerous.
CBS2 Demanding Answers: Potholes Plague New Rochelle Months After WinterMost potholes have been filled by this time of year, but in one Westchester County city, such is not the case.
Commuters Trying To Dodge Potholes In New York City RoadsTri-State area drivers are experiencing a rough ride this spring as they are trying to dodge potholes.