Biden Says Trump Delay On Transition Is 'Hard To Fathom'President-elect Joe Biden said on Thursday that President Trump's refusal to participate in transition process is "irresponsible," "debilitating" and "hard to fathom."
Election 2020: Trump Falsely Claims Victory And Also Claims Election Is Being Stolen From HimTrump again falsely claimed victory in the presidential race on Thursday. At the same time, he accused his critics of stealing the election from him in remarks riddled with inaccuracies and untruths.
Election 2020: New York City Could Face Fight For Badly Needed Funding Even If Biden Wins PresidencyThink of Election 2020 as a train barreling into the station. Depending on who wins, New Yorkers could be on the train to economic recovery or under the train, crushed.
2020 Election Live Updates: Trump, Biden Make Last-Minute Appeals On Eve Of ElectionPresident Trump is holding rallies in North Carolina and Michigan, as well as Kenosha, Wisconsin, the site of unrest this summer, and Joe Biden's hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Campaign 2020: New York City Businesses Preparing For Election Day ProtestsThe city and some businesses are getting ready in case possible large scale protests and riots result after Tuesday's election.
2020 Election Live Updates: Trump Blitzes Swing States As Biden Focuses On PennsylvaniaWith Election Day just two days away, President Trump and Joe Biden are continuing to campaign through potential swing states.
N.J. Organization Troubled By Letters From President Trump Taking Credit For Food Appearing In Donation BoxesLetters from President Donald Trump have recently surfaced in food donation boxes across the country.
Biden: Trump Using Supreme Court Pick As 'Loophole' To Strike Down ObamacareTrump nominated Barrett for the Supreme Court on Saturday, kicking off what is sure to be an intense, partisan confirmation battle in the Senate just weeks before November's election.
Clinton Preparing For Possibility Trump May Never Concede Presidential Election If He LosesHillary Clinton's campaign is increasingly preparing for the possibility that Donald Trump may never concede the presidential election should she win.
Gov. Christie Says Stances, Style Shouldn’t Hold Him Back In 2016While still undeclared, Christie left few doubts Saturday at the Iowa Freedom Summit that he is primed to enter the 2016 GOP race.
Controversy Swirls As Speculation Continues Over Christie's Potential Presidential BidControversy is swirling around the governor for not backing fellow Republican Rob Astorino, who is running against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and it could cost Christie support from his own party if he wants to run for president.