9 Arrested During Protest, Clash With Police Outside Bergen County JailIt was a chaotic scene Saturday night after police say some of the protesters jumped over barricades, going onto jail property and blocking traffic.
Mayor Bill De Blasio Urges Protesters To Call Out Agitators, Says Officers Using 'Kettling' Tactic Is Not AcceptableWhen asked about aggressive policing tactics, the mayor said video clips do not necessarily tell the whole story.
NYPD: More Than A Dozen Arrested When Post-Election Protests Turn Violent For 2nd Night In A RowThe deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism said handfuls of agitators strategically infiltrate protests with tactics from around the globe. 
NYPD: More Than 50 People Arrested After Trying To 'Hijack' Peaceful Protests In MidtownA total of 57 people were arrested for a number of charges, including reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and assault.
NYPD: Over 20 People Arrested After Attempting To 'Hijack' Peaceful Protest In MidtownA large group of protesters starting through Midtown on Wednesday evening, demanding to protect the results of the election.
NYC Businesses Start Boarding Up In Anticipation Of Election Unrest: 'Better Safe Than Sorry'Police are stepping up enforcement and encourage businesses to take extra precautions, like putting up sheets of plywood. 
NYPD Prepares For Potential Election Day Protests Following Unrest During Summer DemonstrationsThe NYPD is putting the finishing touches on its plan to protect residents and businesses from possible protests related to next week's election.
NYPD: Dozens Arrested During Violent Protests Over Death Of Walter Wallace Jr.Police said charges are pending against more than 30 people, and two officers suffered minor injuries.
Philadelphia Riots: Violence Erupts After Police Fatally Shoot Black ManThere were violent clashes in the city of Philadelphia overnight, following the police shooting of a 27-year-old Black man, who police say was armed with a knife.
Fists And Rocks Fly As Jewish Trump Supporters And Counter Protesters Clash In Times SquareThe violent clashes led to fights, objects being hurled at cars and several arrests.
Police Surround, Swarm BLM Protest At Washington Square Park; Protesters Say, 'They're Terrorizing Joy'Before police surged into the crowd, the small group of around 20-40 people had been dancing to a DJ as local artists shared their works.