Rockland County Officials Searching For Solution To Ongoing Measles OutbreakWith more than 160 measles cases confirmed in Rockland County, officials met Monday to reassess their strategy.
County Exec On Lifted Measles Ban: 'We Have To Wait Until This Gets Much Worse'A controversial measles state of emergency in Rockland County has been lifted, allowing unvaccinated children are no longer banned from going to public places.
Rockland Measles Outbreak At Center Of Dispute Between 2 School Districts Over Postponed Baseball GameA controversy is brewing in the northern suburbs over a high school baseball game.
Rockland County Measles Outbreak Grows To 157The number of measles cases in Rockland County continues to grow.
More Measles Cases Confirmed In Rockland CountySo far, 156 people have been diagnosed with the disease since October.
Measles State Of Emergency Bans Unvaccinated Children From Public Spaces In Rockland CountyAnyone under the age of 18 who has not been vaccinated for measles will not be allowed in places like shops, restaurants, schools and houses of worship for the next 30 days – or until they get their shots.
Measles Outbreak Prompts Rockland County State Of Emergency, Ban On Unvaccinated Kids In PublicPeople under the age of 18 who are not vaccinated for measles will not be allowed in public places. 
NY Judge Rules Against Anti-Vax Parents, Says Students Can't Return To School During Measles OutbreakMore than 40 students have been banned from a private school during the Rockland County measles outbreak. On Tuesday, the judge said he would not lift that ban.