Saddle River, N.J. Proposes New Ordinance On Barking DogsA New Jersey town is looking to put an end to excessive dog barking.
New Jersey Town Proposes Rule Giving Dog Owners Jail Time For Nonstop BarkingDog owners who break the new rules could face fines ranging between $100 and $1,000, but owners could also receive a sentence of community service or even prison time.
New Jersey Town Considers New Hunting Season To Cull Deer Over-PopulationResidents say the deer pose a risk to residents by carrying Lyme disease, destroying vegetation and crossing roads without warning.
New Jersey Residents Concerned About Coyotes Menacing People & PetsOfficials in Saddle River say the aggressive animals have been terrorizing the town.
Ballot Questions On How To Handle Deer Population Confuse Residents In Saddle River, NJHouses in Saddle River, New Jersey may cost on average $2 million, but the deer come free.
SUV Plunges Into Saddle River In Garfield, New JerseyA driver was rescued after out-of-control car plunged into the Saddle River in Garfield, New Jersey Tuesday afternoon.
Saddle River Residents Debate Ways To Thin Deer PopulationResidents are concerned about the spread of Lyme disease, destruction of shrubs and gardens, and vehicle collisions.
Stories From Main Street: Longtime Workers Buy, Save 130-Year-Old Bergen County FarmElizabeth Demarest, 90, could have sold for big bucks, but she didn't want to see McMansions sprouting up on her 34 acres in Hillsdale and Saddle River.
Saddle River Considers Turning To Bow Hunters To Cut Deer PopulationBecause of accidents on the roads and concern about tick-borne illnesses, Saddle River is carefully studying the option of bringing in bow hunters to thin the deer population.
Saddle River Considers Allowing Bow Hunting To Thin Deer HerdA Bergen County suburb is considering bringing in bow hunters to deal with an overpopulation of deer.
Police: 5 Cars Stolen In 3 New Jersey Towns After Keys Left InsidePolice said all the cars were left unlocked and the key fobs were inside the vehicles.