Police Seek Suspected Thief Posing As Repairman In BronxPolice are searching for a suspected thief accused of posing as a repairman to steal from unsuspecting people in the Bronx.
AARP Says Beware Of Criminals Using Religion To Target People In 'Do Me A Favor' ScamsIf you notice an email or get a random text message asking for a church donation or emergency funds needed for someone in distress, beware.
NYPD Searching For Man Who Allegedly Scammed 79-Year-Old Out Of $9,000The caller allegedly told the man his son had been arrested in New Jersey and needed $9,000 for bail, then said he would arrange for a bail bondsman to pick up the money from the victim's home in Queens.
2 Bronx Residents Accused Of Scamming Elderly Woman Out Of $15,500The victim said someone had called her saying her grandson had been in an accident in White Plains, and in order to prevent her grandson from receiving a summons, she needed to send $15,500 to an address in Greenburgh.
Better Business Bureau, AARP Warn Seniors About COVID Vaccine ScamsExperts say don't post pictures of your vax card on social media.
Joseph Chase Oaks Of Alabama Accused Of Targeting Hundreds Of People In New York, Across Country In Cell Phone Number ScamThe suspect is charged with grand larceny and identity theft, accused of targeting 300 people in New York and across the country to steal identities and $150,000 in cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
Long Island Man Accused Of Scamming 80-Year-Old Woman Out Of $8,200Police say 28-year-old Anderson Espinal-Corona, of Copiague, called an 80-year-old North Carolina woman and said her grandson had been arrested for DWI.
New York DMV Warns Drivers Receiving Fake Text Messages In Phishing ScamAccording to the DMV, the fake texts tell drivers they must update their contact information to comply with Real ID regulations and include a link to a fake DMV website.
Scam Warning: Suzie Potossis Shares Story Of Being Hustled Out Of $1,700 While Trying To Sell Products OnlineIt's cybersecurity awareness month in New Jersey, and one woman is doing just that, sharing how, when she was trying to declutter and make some money, she was scammed out of more than $1,700.
Better Business Bureau Warns Scammers Are Sending College Students Fake Job OffersThe organization says scammers are posing as professors and sending students emails with fake employment offers.
Coronavirus Texting Scam Targeting Parishioners In Northern SuburbsThe scammers allegedly send text messages attempting to collect gift cards they claim are for patients battling COVID-19.