Ready Player One: College Student Goes From Homeless To Excelling In Video Game WorldThe homeless population in our area is growing, but did you know the number of homeless adolescents is increasing, too?
Snapshot NY: Special Cafe Creates Menu Of Opportunities For StaffHarvest Cafe is part of a non-profit group helping people with developmental disabilities, giving trainees a chance few workspaces offer.
Snapshot: NASCAR Prodigy Winning On The Track At Just 14 Years OldLong Island's Giovanni Bromante isn't even old enough to drive around his neighborhood, but he sure can race on a track.
Lion Of K-Town: World-Class Opera Singer Wows Crowds In KoreatownAt the height of his fame, Alejandro Olmeda was one of the greatest tenors in the world. He’s performed in 65 countries, to millions worldwide, and in front of royalty.
Man Turns Love Of Vintage Sleds Into Museum In N.J.Sledding is a popular snow day pastime, and one man is such a fan he created a museum just for sleds.
Local Horse 'Foiled Again' On The Verge Of 100th WinHorses became famous for winning. Seabiscuit had 33, Secretariat had 16 and American Pharoah had just nine career wins. That makes 100 wins exceptional.
Man With Terminal Cancer Spends Precious Time Helping Those In HospiceConversations about death are sometimes uncomfortable. Until you meet someone like Dave Woods, a terminal patient with the ability to give us all a new perspective.
Virtuoso With Yarn: Brooklyn Man Breaks Stereotypes Knitting On The SubwayA Brooklyn man is turning heads on the subway – all because of a needle and thread. Every day, he is helping to break the stereotype by proving that knitting isn’t just for grannies.