NYC Government Vehicles Now Equipped With Roof Sensors To Test Air QualityFive government cars have been equipped with roof sensors to gather data for a four-week pilot program.
Groundbreaking Held In The Bronx For Historic New Office BuildingBorough President Ruben Diaz Jr. says a building of this caliber hasn't been built in the borough in 75 years.
Police: Woman Shoves 71-Year-Old Man Off BusIt happened in the South Bronx. The man fell and hurt his elbow. The woman ran off. 
'After School Rocks' Brings Free Music Education To Kids In NeedIn some of the city's most under-resourced areas, parents do anything they can just to make ends meet. But one local after-school program is helping kids enrich their lives through free music education.
Mural Helps Formerly Homeless Families Finally Feel At Home In South BronxFamilies and volunteers at the Services for the Underserved Fox Point building painted a backyard mural to make the space their own Wednesday.
Gang Busters: Feds Team Up With NYPD To Raid ‘Open Air’ Drug Market Law enforcement officials spent the morning cracking down on crack dealers in the South Bronx.
Woman’s Body Found Inside Of Ex-Husband’s South Bronx BusinessA woman's body was found wrapped in a blanket inside of her ex-husband's business.
Governor Cuomo Announces Reconstruction Plan For Bruckner-Sheridan InterchangeIf Governor Cuomo gets his way, the Sheridan Expressway will be transformed into a boulevard.
City Unveils Plan To Build Supportive Housing For Mentally Ill In South BronxOfficials on Tuesday were showcasing plans to turn an empty South Bronx lot into apartments enhanced with help for residents contending with mental illness.
City Takes Steps In Effort To Stem Legionnaires' Cluster At Melrose HousesThe mayor stressed on Thursday that the result was only a faint positive and that more tests are being conducted.
4 Legionnaires' Cases Reported At Melrose Houses In The South BronxA new cluster of Legionnaires’ disease cases was recently diagnosed in the South Bronx, and city officials on Wednesday were investigating the water distribution system in one public housing development.