Southwest Passenger Sues Airline, Engine Manufacturer Over Deadly ExplosionLilia Chavez says she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing "the horror" as fellow passenger Jennifer Riordan was partially sucked out the plane's shattered window.
Heroism Of Pilot In Southwest Airlines Emergency Landing Captured On Audio; Inspections Reveal No Additional Cracked Fan BladesSouthwest executives said they have checked more than 25,000 fan blades since 2016 for signs of metal fatigue and the remaining 10,000 will be inspected by mid-May.
Husband Of Southwest Airlines Victim: 'We Ended With I Love You, Safe Travels'For the first time, Jennifer Riordan's husband Michael speaks publicly about the tragedy.
New Questions About Whether Southwest Airlines Death Could Have Been PreventedSouthwest Airlines had sought more time last year to inspect jet-engine fan blades, like the one that snapped off during one of its flights Tuesday.
Airline Regulators To Order Inspections On Engine Blades After Fatal Failure Aboard Southwest FlightThe announcement came after initial findings from investigators showed that Tuesday's emergency was caused by a fan blade that snapped off.
Stories Of Horror, Heroism Arise From Inside Southwest Flight After Deadly Emergency LandingThe Boeing 737 was bound from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Dallas with 149 people on board when an engine blew at 32,000 feet.
Abandoned Pets Get Private Flight Out of Hurricane-Stricken Puerto RicoAfter Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, 62 dogs and cats who were abandoned are now getting a fresh start after being relocated.
All-Female Crew Becomes Southwest's First 'Unmanned' Boeing 737 FlightThe team became the first all-female crew to staff the airline's newest Boeing 737 Max 8 jet airliners.