Welcome To NY! Derek Fisher Introduced As Head Coach Of KnicksThe New York Knicks hired Derek Fisher as their new coach on Tuesday, with Phil Jackson turning to one of his trustiest former players.
Schmeelk: This Time Jackson, Knicks Reel In Their FishWill Derek Fisher be the next great Knicks coach? I have no idea. No one does. But he's the guy Phil Jackson thinks can lead this team. That’s all the matters.
Mark Jackson Offers Mixed Messages On His Interest In Knicks JobDoes Mark Jackson want the Knicks' head coaching job or not? Would it even matter if he did? Those are some legitimate questions considering the situation at Madison Square Garden.
Schmeelk: What? Phil Worry? No Chance; Days Of Knicks' Panic Are OverPhil Jackson is either in over his head or in complete control as general manager of the Knicks. Which is it? Knowing the man, most likely the latter.
Knicks' Jackson Says Melo Will Consider Delaying Free AgencyThe two met recently and Phil Jackson says he told Carmelo Anthony that "it might be a good idea to hang in here and see what it's like for a year."
Report: Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw Ahead Of Fisher On Knicks' ListDerek Fisher is Phil Jackson's Plan B, right? Maybe not. Now it looks like Brian Shaw is atop the backup list, even though he's said he's happy in Denver.
Marv Albert Told Steve Kerr 'It Never Ends Well' With Knicks "Well, I told him it never ends well there," Albert told Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News. "Just look at recent history. It’s because of one man (Dolan). There is no happiness there."
Schmeelk: Time For Phil Jackson’s Plan B — And It Better Be GoodWhat, you thought this was going to be easy? C’mon, it’s the Knicks!
Report: Knicks Shake Off Kerr Snub, Set Their Sights On Derek FisherDerek Fisher is still playing basketball. But if the Knicks have their way he'll be coaching them very soon.
LISTEN: Joe Benigno Says Kerr 'Stuck It Right Up Phil's Rear End'On Wednesday, Kerr agreed to become the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. The news didn't sit well with WFAN co-host Joe Benigno.
Keidel: Phil Jackson, Brought To NYC To Bring Juice To MSG, Fails 1st TestThis strikes a blow to everyone in the organization, from Jackson to Jim Dolan to Carmelo Anthony, who must be appalled by the notion that the most visible non-player in the NBA can't even get his own acolyte to coach for him.