Somers' Monologue: It's Good To Be Wright!By the time the eighth inning was over, New York had five more runs, matching the number of times David Wright was on base.
Somers' Monologue: It's Good To Be King — Right, Rangers Fans?Manhattan is abuzz. New Jersey? Better luck next time.
Somers' Monologue: What Do Rangers And Con Edison Have In Common?We know the Rangers in seven can be heaven. But why do they have to go through hell to get there?
Somers' Monologue: A Good Day To You Indeed, Rangers Fans!After those two goals, what can you say other than, "absolutely stunning" and "electric" and "amazing."
Somers' Monologue: Mo No! Yankees' Loss In KC A Blip Compared To Rivera
Somers' Monologue: Break Glass In Case Of Amar'gencyYes, Stoudemire made it shatter. Only this time, nobody was shouting out, "Mazel tov!"
Somers' Monologue: Gear Up For A Crazy Thursday, NY Sports Fans!Is there anything NOT happening Thursday night? Well, the Yankees get to relax. And how's your vacation, Islanders fans?
Somers' Monologue: Silver Lining After Mets' Double-Double DisastersA little sunshine breaking through the dark clouds that always seem to follow the Mets around.
Somers' Monologue: Rangers 40 Minutes From Bitter Disappointment, Then Goal! Goal! Goal!The Senators were getting the best of Broadway. They were winning the battle, but hadn't yet won the war.
Somers' Monologue: Oh What A Grand Night For Curtis
Somers' Monologue: Hey Rangers, Where's The Late Hustle?You could smell the overtime loss coming. All of the aggressiveness, all the momentum, all the energy shifted to Ottawa.
Somers' Monologue: Boyle's Blueshirts Get It Done In Ottawa ThrillerMatt Carkner apparently didn't pummel Brian Boyle enough in Game 2!
Somers' Monologue: Rangers Get The Radio Back PageFor the moment, A-1. Top of the heap. For the moment, skates over sneakers or cleats.
Somers' Monologue: Dear Mets, Happy Golden Anniversary (Sort Of) Happy 50th Anniversary to the Amazin's -- with Nationals starter Stephen Strasburg coming out of the birthday cake.
Somers' Monologue: Sound The Alarm, Wright Breaks A Pinkie!You knew no Ike Davis for Tuesday night. And then you heard a little something, not much, nothing to get out of shape about with David Wright.