Coronavirus Update: MTA Agrees To Provide COVID-19 Death Benefit For Workers' FamiliesNearly 60 transit workers have died, including three dozen bus and subway employees.
MTA's OMNY Tap-To-Pay System Coming To More Subway Stations Around NYCOn Wednesday, the MTA launched the cutting-edge technology at turn styles at Penn Station.
'Climate Change Is Real': MTA Fills Brooklyn Subway Stop With Water To Test New Flood GateThe entrance to the Broadway G-train station in Williamsburg was completely submerged Wednesday.
NYPD: Tickets For Subway Fare Beating Skyrocketing In NYC, Fewer Arrests Being MadeDuring a recent rush hour, Inside Edition cameras caught 58 fare evaders during just one hour at a subway station on West 14th Street.
Report Finds Homeless On Subways Surging In 2019, Hundreds More Sleeping On Busy MTA TrainsThis to be coupled with more cops and more city shelter beds. CBS2’s Marcia Kramer challenged the beleaguered agency on the plan – which seems very familiar to the city's old plan.
MTA Board Agrees To Nearly $52 Billion Capital Spending PlanThe plan calls for $51.5 billion to fix the subways, buses, Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road over the next five years.
MTA To Show More Detailed Subway Service Information On Signs, Online AppsThe upgrade will provide riders with more information about service changes and delays.
Congestion Pricing Plan To Allocate Funds For LIRR, Metro-North, Reports SayCongestion pricing could get the green light as soon as Monday, as part of the state’s new budget.
Subway Riders Demanding Answers As City's Homeless Continue Taking Over Train CarsAs temperatures plunge, some subway riders say they're seeing more and more homeless people seeking shelter inside subway cars.
Subway Cleaners Returning After MTA Trash Plan BackfiresMany late night subway riders haven't seen subway cleaners since the MTA made a series of budget cuts however, the cost has been a smelly mess for the agency’s customers.
NYC Subway Boss Says Things Are Getting Better, Commuters Disagree“You should expect the shop window, the station, to look good. You don’t turn up at an airport an expect it to be in a pigsty state,” Byford said.