Experts: Trump's Proposed Tariff's Against Europe May Cause Price Of Olive Oil To Possibly Triple By Next MonthPresident Trump has proposed tariffs ranging from 25 to 100 percent on more than 300 products from Europe, including wine, cheese and seafood. The biggest price hikes, though, could be on olive oil.
President Trump: Mexico Signs Deal To Avoid Tariffs, Slow Flow Of Migrants To U.S.President Trump tweeted that a deal had been signed with Mexico to avoid tariffs that were set to start Monday. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo more formally announced the agreement shortly thereafter.
Small Business Owners, Consumers Worry Trade War With China Could Impact Bottom LineWith a trade war with China looming, business owners and consumers are sizing up the potential impact on their bottom line.
White House Plans To Send $12 Billion In Aid To FarmersPresident Trump is rolling out a plan to spend billions to help farmers caught in the middle of a trade war.
Chinese Exporters Scramble To Cope With US TariffsChinese exporters were scrambling Monday to cope with a plunge in U.S. sales.
U.S. Imposes Tariff On Chinese Imports; Beijing Fires BackThe Trump administration has been threatening trade tariffs on China, and this morning it became a reality.
U.S. Imposes Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum From Canada, Mexico And EUThe 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum from Canada, Mexico and the European Union became effective at midnight.
Trump Administration ‘Optimistic’ About Trade Negotiations With ChinaChina’s foreign ministry said in a statement, “We do not want to fight, but we are not afraid to fight a trade war.”
President Trump Gives Few Details On Plans For China, MexicoPresident Donald Trump addressed a tax reform roundtable Thursday in West Virginia, where he spoke about the tariff threats, the back-and-forth with China and the U.S.-Mexico border.