Some New Yorkers Say Hacking Of MTA Shows How Vulnerable The City And Riding Public AreFor the first time, the MTA has publicly disclosed details about a cyber attack believed to have links to the Chinese government.
Technology And Innovative Ideas At Center Of Alzheimer's Foundation Of America's New Dementia-Friendly ApartmentThe Alzheimer's Foundation of America has just unveiled what's called "The Apartment."
NBA Top Shot Turning Into Quite An Investment For Sports Trading Card NFT Buyers And SellersOur world has gone digital, not just our interactions, but also money, and in trading cards.
Social Media Giants Facebook, Instagram To Give Users Option To Hide 'Likes'The 4 billion people on the two platforms get to decide if that makes them feel less competitive and happier.
Dating Apps Now Matching Singles By Vaccination StatusPopular dating apps like Tinder, Match and Bumble are making it easier for singles to find others who are vaccinated, and they're getting some help from the White House. 
Police: 3 Young People Arrested For Shaming And Harassing Conn. Middle School Students With Nude Photos On InstagramTroubling charges have been filed against three juveniles in suburban Connecticut.
Experts Warn Hackers Are Taking Advantage Of Many People Working Online From Home During The PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic has made more people dependent on technology and criminals have taken this as an opportunity to target people with online scams.
Apple Rolls Out Major New Privacy Protections For iPhones, iPadsIt's no secret that the smartphone apps we use track our online habits and build a profile that is used to send us targeted advertisements, but that's changing for people who own an Apple device.
White Plains Installing More Than 1,000 Solar Panels As Part Of Push To Increase Renewable EnergyA new solar project in White Plains may light the way for many more across the state. 
NFTs Making A Splash -- And Big Bucks -- In The Art World And Beyond, But What Are They?An NFT -- short for non-fungible token -- is the latest cryptocurrency craze. Think Bitcoin, but instead of holding a coin or dollar, you hold an asset, like art, tickets, music.
Evolving Social Media Apps Like Clubhouse Emphasize Talking Over TextingOver the past year people have communicated online more than ever before. A new generation of social media platforms are trading texting for talking.