Adding A Teen Driver To Your Insurance Leads To 79% Higher CostAdding a teenage driver to a married couple’s car insurance policy leads to a 79% higher average annual premium
Study: Extra Passengers Are Biggest Distraction For Teen DriversThe stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day is known as the 100 deadliest days for teens, when they are out of school and on the roads.
Data: New Jersey's Graduated License Laws Impacting Teen Driving FatalitiesIn 2012, the state set a near record low with 20 drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 killed on state roadways. The data, prepared at the request of the New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition, indicates that the numbers are on track to be even lower this year.
Study: New N.J. Teen Driving Rules Succeeding In Protecting DriversThere is good news about New Jersey's latest efforts to keep its young drivers safe on the roads.
N.J. Supreme Court: Young Drivers To Continue Displaying Red Decals On License PlatesThe controversial law known as “Kyleigh's Law” was upheld Monday by the New Jersey Supreme Court.
Connecticut Teen Driving Restrictions Pay Off With SafetyFrom 2002 to 2007, there were about eight teen drivers were killed each year in crashes. In 2011, there was just one.
New Jersey Graduated Driver's License Celebrates 10 YearsThe number of fatal motor vehicle accidents involving teenagers is down over 40 percent since New Jersey's Graduated Driver's License began ten years ago.
NY Lawmakers Push For New Nationwide Teen Driving StandardsCar crashes are the number one killer of American teenagers.
Bill Would Review NJ's Young Driver DecalsThe New Jersey Senate on Monday will consider a bill that would re-examine a law that requires young motorists to display decals on their license plates.
First Time Drivers To Face New RestrictionsA new law enacted in New York means first-time drivers will face new restrictions when applying for driver’s license.
N.J. Teens Rally Against Driver Decal Law