Texting And Driving Simulator Teaches Rockland Students Valuable LessonRamapo High School is using technology to battle another technology that has a tendency to get young people in trouble.
Car Companies Add New Features To Protect Drivers From Distracted TeensFrom texting to distracted driving the Centers for Disease Control say car accidents kill six teenagers every day.
Survey Finds More Drivers Are Distracted Behind The Wheel Despite Understanding RisksEvery year thousands of Americans die in accidents caused by distracted driving.
Freeport High School Students Pledge To Not Text And DriveThe message is all too real for Freeport High Principal Linda Carter. Her husband was killed by a distracted driver.
Video: Passengers Catch Limo Bus Driver Texting While Driving During Trip To HamptonsThere were nearly four dozen people on that bus to Southampton, many of them worried for their safety.
Tougher Penalties Go Into Effect For NYS Drivers Using Hand-Held PhonesBeginning Saturday, new drivers who are caught using a cell phone without a hands-free device could face a 120-day license suspension.
Connecticut DMV Urges Safe Habits During National Teen Driver Safety WeekThe Connecticut DMV is urging parents to emphasize the need to lay down strict driving rules for teens, stressing that using the phone while driving is a prohibitive as is drinking or speeding when behind the wheel.
Simulator Demonstrates Dangers Of Texting While DrivingThe New York City Department of Transportation and AT&T offered passersby a chance to use a texting-while-driving simulator Tuesday at Flatiron Plaza.
NYPD To Crack Down On Texting And Driving, Failure To Yield To PedestriansThe NYPD on Monday announced a citywide crackdown on texting and driving, and the failure to yield to pedestrians.
New Jersey Attorney General: More Than 3,000 Cited For Distracted Driving So Far In AprilJohn Hoffman, the state's acting acting general, said Monday that about 1.5 million crashes over the past decade have been caused by distracted drivers, resulting in 1,600 deaths.
Crackdown On Distracted Driving Begins Around New York StateNew York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that state and local police have stepped up patrols statewide to crack down on mobile phone use while driving.