Boomer & Carton: The Heat Is OnCraig was all kinds of pumped up this morning after the Nets huge victory in Toronto.
Boomer & Carton: Tommy Gets His Marching Orders, Heads To A-Rod's HearingCraig got to wondering what in the world is going on down there at the MLB offices on Park Avenue, so he decided to send Tommy Lugauer over there to investigate.
B&C Morning Show: Tuesday's Podcast And MOTD Jerry's highly-anticipated Moment of the Day had to do with Jordany Valdespin getting suspended for 50 games for using PEDs. I am NOT the man right now!!
B&C Morning Show: Tom Coughlin Chats With The Dynamic Radio Duo The Giants' head coach showed up for his interview five minutes early, or as he would put it, on time. Coach acknowledges that training camp is different from how it used to be, but it’s just a sign of the times.
B&C Morning Show: Eli Manning And Jerry Reese The Giants' QB spent a few minutes with Boomer and Craig, breaking down the Giants' offense. The GM of the Giants spent a few minutes discussing the team's personnel.
B&C Morning Show: Justin Tuck And Victor Cruz We found out some interesting things about both these guys. Justin Tuck is a fan of Duck Dynasty, but has no idea who Honey Boo Boo is. Victor Cruz, despite growing up in Jersey, was not a fan of The Sopranos.
B&C Morning Show: Steve Weatherford And Antrel Rolle Two of the most personable members of the New York Giants stopped by the set this morning to chat with Boomer and Craig.
B&C Morning Show: The A-Rod Circus Jerry’s update was dominated, as you would imagine, by A-Rod’s suspension and his subsequent season debut for the New York Yankees.
B&C Morning Show: The Return Of A-Rod All eyes in the sports world were on Chicago yesterday as Alex Rodriguez made his season debut for the Yanks, the same day baseball suspended him through the 2014 season.
B&C Morning Show: MOTD And Tuesday's Podcast Jerry delivered his highly-anticipated "Moment of the Day" which involved Mets manager Terry Collins and what he should have said to Jordany Valdespin.
B&C Morning Show: Willie Randolph Stops By The Set There were plenty of serious moments during the interview, certainly some sports talk, but then again this is the Boomer and Carton show, so you better be prepared to let your hair down.