Tim Tebow Nearly Nails BCS National Championship PredictionQuestion his quarterbacking skills all you want. But when it comes to college football, the former Heisman Trophy winner knows his stuff.
Cold Snap Takes Toll On NYC Area AirportsHours before a deep freeze moved in, flights in and out of the New York City area had already been disrupted.
Man Clearing Snow In The Village Carjacked In Broad DaylightAccording to police, a man was shoveling snow next to his blue Dodge Ram on Christopher Street when another man appeared, pulled out a gun and demanded the keys. He drove off without firing a shot, police said.
Television Blackouts Possible In 3 NFL Playoffs Cities This WeekendThe last time an NFL playoff game was blacked out was on Jan. 10, 2002, a wild-card game between the Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens in Miami.
Flash Mob Of Teens Causes Disturbance At Brooklyn's Kings Plaza MallAccording to police, the flash mob involving as many as 300 teenagers, mostly 15 and 16 years old, began a short time before the Mill Basin mall closed at 9 p.m. on Thursday.
Shoplifting Incident Prompts Scare At Roosevelt Field Mall During a shoplifting incident, a large rack fell over in Macy's, CBS 2 reported. Shoppers thought the sound of the crashing rack was gunshots and that caused a panic.
Special African-American Santa Holds Court At Macy'sCrowds in the know have been drawn to Macy’s to see the “special Santa,” an African-American Santa Claus tucked away in Santaland at the Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square.
Police: Man May Have Thrown Son From Roof Before JumpingA man and his 3-year-old son died Sunday after plummeting from a building near Lincoln Center.
Video Goes Viral After Garden City Cop Threatens To Ticket Man Washing Car In Own DrivewayThe 24-year-old said he was washing his 1997 Volkswagen in his driveway when a police officer told him he wasn't allowed to do that.
NYC Council Approves Ban On Indoor E-Cigarette UseThe New York City Council approved legislation Thursday to ban the use of electronic cigarettes from indoor public spaces where smoking is already prohibited.
Bloomberg's Meddling Ways On Unions Don't Sit Well With De Blasio It’s the battle of the mayors. Michael Bloomberg has offered an unprecedented challenge to his successor to slash union benefits -- for the good of the city -- even if it means he doesn't get re-elected.
Pleasantville Cop In Trouble For Alleged Racist Rant On FacebookThe Westchester County village of Pleasantville has placed a police officer on administrative leave, after he was allegedly caught making a racist rant -- reportedly about President Barack Obama -- on Facebook.
Lead Engineer: GWB Traffic Nightmare Could Happen Again And AgainThere were epic traffic delays, yet again, Monday night, because of emergency repair work at the George Washington Bridge. And then on Tuesday the head engineer said we haven't seen the end of this.
Video Shows Man Being Rescued From Underneath Subway TrainA man was run over by a subway train Saturday and survived with only minor injuries.
All Across Long Island, Movement Is On To 'Keep Christ In Christmas'There is more to Christmas than gifts and jingle bells, so say a growing number of people with lawn signs and bumper stickers.