Families Gather To Remember Loved Ones Lost In Crash Of TWA Flight 800Monday marked the 21st anniversary of the crash of TWA flight 800, which killed all 230 people on board.
Hundreds Mark 20th Anniversary of TWA Flight 800 Crash In Long IslandHundreds gathered Sunday in Long Island to mark the 20th anniversary of the crash of TWA Flight 800.
Memorial Set For 20th Anniversary Of TWA Flight 800 CrashA memorial service will be held Sunday night to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TWA Flight 800 plane crash.
NTSB Will Not Revisit Findings In Crash Of TWA Flight 800The National Transportation Safety Board has denied a petition for reconsideration of its findings in the investigation of the 1996 crash of TWA flight 800.
Relatives Marking 17th Anniversary Of TWA Flight 800 Crash On L.I.The service is taking place at Smith Point County Park at the same time as a new documentary questioning federal investigators' findings about the crash is set to air.
Eye On New York: TWA Flight 800, 'Choir Boy,' And All-Star ArtworkOn Sunday’s Eye On New York, CBS 2’s Dana Tyler talked with film director Kristina Borgesson about the controversial new documentary “TWA Flight 800,” which is set to air as the 17th anniversary of the plane crash over the coast of Long Island approaches.
Flight 800 Documentary Features Former Crash Investigators Claiming NTSB Findings 'Falsified'The retired investigators claim that findings were "falsified." They are petitioning the NTSB to reopen the investigation based on new evidence and eyewitness accounts.
15 Years Later, Pain Of TWA Flight 800 Crash Still FreshSunday marked 15 years since the crash of TWA Flight 800, and families of the victims gathered together Sunday to remember their loved ones.
TWA Flight 800 Families Mark 15 Years Since CrashIn 1996, the Paris-bound jet exploded in the sky just after takeoff from Kennedy International Airport, setting off a massive FBI probe amidst fears that a bomb or missile was to blame.