Man Starts 'Amish Uber' Ride Service With His Horse And BuggyUsing his horse and buggy, Timothy Hochstedler has opened his own business called "Amish Uber."
NYC Council Considers Cap On Ride-Sharing VehiclesThe massive growth of for-hire vehicles like Uber and Lyft is blamed for driving traffic congestion up and pushing wages down.
Uber Drivers Accused Of 'Vomit Fraud' By Overcharged PassengersDrivers are being accused of "vomit fraud," as many of the Uber employees allegedly claim their passengers threw up in the car after being picked up from a night of partying.
Dubious License Plate Leads To King's Ransom In Unpaid TollsA fake Uber driver's car service from JFK Airport now have the driver and car owner in costly trouble.
Police: Uber Driver Was Streaming Hulu Before Deadly Self-Driving CrashTempe, Arizona police say records from Hulu show Rafaela Vasquez was streaming "The Voice" moments before the crash.
Uber CEO Backs Surcharge On Ride Sharing Apps To Aid Struggling NYC Taxi DriversDara Khosrowshahi said that the city should put the surcharge into a fund to help taxi owners who bought their medallions at sky-high prices. 
Police: Uber Driver Hits Passenger With Bat After Being Told He's Going Wrong WayAn Uber driver in Tennessee didn't react well to being told he was driving the wrong way and allegedly hit his passenger with a baseball bat.
Uber Overhauls Its Policies For Sex Assault CasesRide-sharing company Uber is changing its policy on claims of sexual misconduct and will now allow claims of rape or assault in open court.