Demanding Answers: TLC Official On Limiting Cruising Time Of Empty For-Hire VehiclesThere's been a dramatic move to reduce street congestion in Manhattan.
Taxi And Limousine Commission Holds Hearing On Rideshare Service RulesThe rules are tied to Mayor Bill de Blasio's congestion pricing plan to limit the number of cars on city street.
NYC Blackout: Uber, Lyft Accused Of Price Gouging During Weekend Power OutagePeople on social media called out companies like Uber and Lyft for their prices the night of the blackout in New York City.
Uber Launches Helicopter Service To JFK AirportA trip could take up to two hours by car would now take around a half hour in an Uber copter. 
Uber Driver Sentenced To Prison For Kidnapping Female PassengerTwenty-five-year-old Harbir Parmar, of Howard Beach, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and wire fraud in March.
Police: Thieves Steal Thousands Of Dollars From Rideshare Drivers Across NYCPolice say three clever thieves have struck 40 times in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan since April, stealing thousands of dollars.
Police: Man Hops In Uber After Robbing NJ Dunkin' DonutsPolice say a customer in the store wrote down the car's license plate number as the alleged robber was getting away.
For-Hire Vehicles Get Hit With More Restrictions In NYCPlans for a double cap on for-hire vehicles in the city was announced Wednesday.
Uber Announces Plan To Ban Riders With Low Ratings From Their CarsUber will first send tips on how customers can to get their ratings back up, including not asking drivers to speed, avoid being rude, or leaving trash in the cars.
Uber, Lyft Losses Keep Competitors At BayA fare war between Uber and Lyft has led to billions of dollars in losses for both ride-hailing companies as they fight for passengers and drivers.
Uber Price Set At $45 Per Share For Friday's IPOUber's next stop is the stock market, where it hopes to pick up more investors willing to bet on a ride-hailing market brimming with potential and conspicuously lacking in profits.
Uber, Lyft Drivers Stage Strike As Part Of Nationwide ProtestInstead of giving rides, drivers and organizers are rallying at bridge entrances, including the 59th Street Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. They also plan to protest outside Uber and Lyft headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.
As Uber, Lyft Drivers Prepare For Strike, New Hotline Unveiled To Help Drivers' Mental HealthBe prepared: Ride share drivers are planning a strike Wednesday ahead of Uber's planned initial public offering on Wall Street. 
Uber Hackers Charge Cross-Country Trips To New Jersey Lawmaker, Now She's Taking The Fight To Uber"I supposedly criss-crossed the country 56 times in two weeks and - in one ten-hour span - I supposedly took multiple Ubers in five different cities stretching from New York to Honolulu."
Safety Tips For People Using Ride Sharing ServicesBecause of Samantha Josephson's death, there's a concerted effort to raise safety awareness for people who use ride sharing services.