Unemployment Rate Sees First Drop Since Coronavirus Pandemic Began, 21 Million Americans Still Without WorkThe U.S. Department of Labor announced Friday the unemployment rate fell from 14.7% to 13.3% with 2.5 million jobs added in May.
Unemployment Unexpectedly Drops, But Full Recovery Not ImminentThe unemployment rate took a surprising drop, but while hope exists the road to recovery remains uncertain.
It's NOT A Scam: Feds Say 4 Million Americans Receiving Stimulus Checks In Form Of Prepaid Debit CardMany are receiving the card and mistakenly thinking it's a scam. This, as another 2 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week.
Gov. Murphy: New Jersey Department Of Labor Making Good Progress Addressing Backlog Of Unemployment ClaimsThe governor said a total of 1.17 million unemployment claims have been filed. Of those, 911,000 have been fulfilled, totaling $4.3 billion in payouts.
Another 4 Million Americans Now Seeking Unemployment Benefits, 43 Million Since Outbreak BeganThe total number of people applying for aid to more than 43 million, on a seasonally adjusted basis, since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the nation.
More Than 4 Million Americans File For Jobless Aid, Bringing Pandemic Total Above 40 MillionMore than 4 million U.S. workers filed for jobless benefits last week, the Labor Department said Thursday. That brings the total number of people applying for aid to more than 40 million since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the nation.
'There's Only One Bill To Prioritize -- Everything Else Is Negotiable': CBS Analyst Explains How To Navigate Outstanding Balances On Limited FundsJill Schlesinger, certified financial planner and CBS News business analyst, looks at how to devise a game plan for paying bills when money is tight.
Unemployed New Jersey Residents Trying To Get Benefits: 'The System Is Messed Up. They Need To Improve It'The Labor Department says nearly three million Americans filed unemployment claims last week. That brings the nationwide total to 36 million since the pandemic erupted in March. 
New Jersey Residents Exasperated With Effort To Try To Get Unemployment Benefits: 'I've Burned Through All Of My Life Savings'As states look at slowly reopening, some residents are still waiting for financial relief. Hundreds of thousands of people haven't received unemployment checks in New Jersey. 
Unemployed N.J. Woman Says She 'Trusted The Whole Process,' But Weeks Later Still Hasn't Seen A Penny From The StateThe wait seems never ending for many unemployed residents in New Jersey.
U.S. Job Market Suffers Worst Month In American HistoryA staggering 29 million Americans stopped working in April as the spreading coronavirus shuttered stores, factories and offices, canceled events, and brought transit around the country to a sudden stop.