11/9 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesExpect periods of rain this afternoon, so have the umbrella handy. As for temperatures, they'll be running a little cooler than yesterday with temperatures in the mid 50s.
CBS2 Election Day Afternoon Weather ForecastHigh pressure will remain in control and deliver plenty of sunshine on this Election Day.
11/8 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesIt's a beautiful day to vote. Mostly sunny skies all day and mostly mild temps!
11/7 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather HeadlinesIt's a cold start to the work week with temps areawide in the 30s to around 40 here in NYC... wind chills making it feel like the low 20s to low 30s!
11/6 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather HeadlinesIt will be a cold and breezy night with temps dropping into the upper 20s for the 'burbs and low-mid 30s closer to town.
11/3 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesA few showers will swing through this afternoon, so have the umbrella. And it will be another warm one out there -- highs in the low 70s.
Bundle Up: Winters May Be Getting Colder In The NortheastResearch released in "Nature Climate Change" suggests there is a link between the disappearance of Arctic ice and a shift in the position of the dreaded polar vortex.
11/2 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesMostly sunny skies will warm us up nicely this afternoon. Expect highs in the upper 60's to nearly 70° -- that's more than 10° above normal!
11/2 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe start off with a milder than normal platform in the 50s and 40s in the burbs, but a southwest wind will help to transport unseasonable warmth.
11/1 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe'll see more sun than clouds this afternoon with temps running about 5° warmer than yesterday. Highs will be in the upper 50s or so.
Can Changing Temperatures Affect Your Health? Experts Say ‘It Depends’What's up with the weather? It was in the 70s on Sunday, but dropped 20 degrees to start the week with more swings on the way.
10/29 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe will begin the weekend with cold temps. Lots of 30- and 40-degree readings inland, with a light wind.
10/27 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesExpect periods of rain this afternoon with the heaviest during the rush; any snow will have come to an end to our N&W.
10/26 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesHighs will generally be our in the upper 40s to around 50° -- 10+° below normal.
10/23 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather HeadlinesWhile it was a warmer day with temps in the mid 50s-low 60s, the winds were still whipping with some gusts as high as 55 mph.