New York Weather: CBS2's 2/20 Thursday Afternoon ForecastThe sun will be peeking through more cloud cover this afternoon — we'll call it partly sunny — so it won't be quite as nice as yesterday.
New York Weather: CBS2 2/20 Thursday Morning ForecastA cold one is in store for today. Temps start off in the 20s and low 30s.
New York Weather: CBS2's 2/19 Wednesday Afternoon ForecastWe'll find ourselves between high pressure and an exiting low this afternoon, so it will be a bit breezy out there. The good news is it will be gorgeous, so enjoy it if you can.
New York Weather: CBS2 2/19 Wednesday Morning ForecastThe sun will be shining strong today, and temps get up to the mid 40s.
New York Weather: CBS2's 2/18 Tuesday Afternoon ForecastWe'll see showers here and there through this evening, but they'll be more of a nuisance than anything. As for high temperatures, we'll be right around that 50° mark again.
New York Weather: CBS2's 2/18 Tuesday Morning ForecastA wet weather day is in store. But, it's really the only precipitation bearing day this week, so that's some positive news to a dreary day.
New York Weather: 2/17 Presidents' Day Monday ForecastSunshine dominates this afternoon with high pressure just off to our north. We'll also see temperatures rise to above normal levels again with the upper 40s in reach.
New York Weather: CBS2 2/16 Sunday ForecastWe'll have a milder day ahead with temps reaching the mid 40s under partly sunny skies.
New York Weather: CBS2 2/15 Saturday ForecastAfter a brutally cold and breezy start to the morning, temps will be on the rebound for the remainder of the holiday weekend.
New York Weather: 2/15 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe saw the coldest air of the season in NYC this morning, starting out the day at 14 degrees. That's the coldest we've been since February 1st of last year.
New York Weather: CBS2's 2/14 Friday Afternoon ForecastExpect a very cold afternoon with wind chills in the 20s and eventually teens. Thankfully it will be bright out there, so that's a little something to look forward to.
New York Weather: CBS2 2/14 Friday Morning ForecastI hope you took the heavy coat to work today because you'll definitely need it!
New York Weather: CBS2's 2/13 Thursday Afternoon ForecastThe rain will taper this afternoon and give way to mainly cloudy skies into the afternoon rush. Temperature wise, we’re aiming for the 50° mark.
New York Weather: CBS2 2/13 Thursday Morning ForecastA wet start is expected around here today. Temps will, however, be on the warm side, so do not expect any snow to be falling this morning.
New York Weather: CBS2's 2/12 Wednesday Afternoon ForecastSunshine will gradually fade behind high clouds this afternoon, but it will remain dry. As for temperatures, they'll be a little above normal again in the mid 40s or so.