Lawmakers Plan To Discuss Putting Speed Cameras Near Schools In Westchester CountySome people in Westchester County say what's good for the city would be good for the suburbs.
‘Excruciating:’ Westchester County Man Describes Being Bitten By SharkIn his first interview since the Aug. 15 incident, William Lytton said he'd been swimming in about "8 to 10 feet" of water off Truro, Massachusetts, when he felt an incredible pain shoot through his left leg.
Demanding Answers: County Upkeep On Bus Benches Lost In The WeedsIt's a jungle out there at some Westchester County bus stops. They're filled with grass and weeds tall enough to almost hide the benches.
Scarsdale Millionaire Sentenced For Stabbing Estranged Wife To Death In ShowerAfter the attack, he allegedly walked into the kitchen of their Scarsdale home, smoked a cigarette and then called 911.
Huge Retaining Wall Collapses In Downtown OssiningA 40-foot-tall retaining wall collapsed onto a commercial property in Westchester County on Monday evening, causing an unbelievable mess and a very big headache.
Yes, It's A Bad Year For Mosquitoes - Here's What You Can DoExperts say you are not imagining things -- it's a bad year for mosquitoes. So what can you do to beat the backyard biters?
Westchester Moms Help Low Income Students Prepare For Dorm LifeFor many college freshman, moving into that first dorm room is a dream come true. Two moms from Westchester County are providing free supplies to students who need a helping hand.
Westchester Officials Warn Rabid Fox On The Loose After String Of AttacksWestchester officials are warning residents of a rabid fox on the loose which has already attacked three people in Yorktown since Saturday.