Bronx Woman Burglarized Several Homes While People Were At Funerals, Police SayProsecutors say the 27-year-old burglarized six homes in Westchester from the fall of 2017, to the spring of 2018.
Invasive Water Chestnut Plant Choking The Life Out Of Once-Thriving Westchester County LakeAn invasive species is choking the life out of one of the biggest lakes in Yonkers.
With Attendance Up And A New Ride About To Be Unveiled, Rye Playland Is Making A ComebackThe cloud of anxiety that hovered over the opening of Playland Park this season seems to have lifted. Attendance at New York's only government-owned amusement park is soaring.
Westchester County Moving Forward With New Family Court Construction In New RochelleThere are 62 counties in New York state -- 61 of them have just one Family Court. But Westchester residents pay for three, and the county is about to spend $50 million over 30 years to keep it that way.
Iconic Westchester Estate In Desperate Need Of Facelift, But County Must Jump Through Restrictions Hoops FirstA hundred years ago it was "the place" to spend a weekend in Westchester.
Officers Locate, Arrest Suspect Who Fled During Rape Trial In 1989Nelson Gustavo Caceres was convicted of attempted rape and sentenced in absentia to five to 15 years in prison.
Westchester County Sales Tax Hike To Kick In On Aug. 1In high-taxed Westchester County, they raised the sales tax, and patted themselves on the back for doing it. Elected officials say the hike is the best way to stabilize finances.
Tree Topples Onto Police Car After Fleeing Suspect Crashes Into Wooded AreaThe officer, who was still in the vehicle at the time, was not injured.
Police: Woman Wanted For Back-To-Back Bank Robberies In YonkersPolice are searching for a woman they say robbed two banks just minutes apart Thursday in Yonkers.
Westchester County Allowing The Public To Name Newest Ride At Playland ParkThe new thrill is part roller coaster and part spinning ride that travels around 25 MPH.
Fire Tears Through Two Homes In YonkersFlames broke out around 8:40 p.m. at a home on Warburton Avenue and quickly spread to a neighboring house.