Wild Turkeys Showing No Fear, Plenty Of Attitude In N.J. TownThey are everywhere and don't seem like they plan on leaving any time soon. Wild turkeys are invading residents' space in Washington Township, even disrupting traffic.
Stamford Residents Cry Foul Over Aggressive Wild TurkeysThe fleet-footed gobblers have matured, and city officials say they're starting to claim the area as their own.
Hillsdale Police Release 911 Call After Mailman Attacked By Wild Turkeys"You're not going to believe this, but I got a carrier being attacked by wild turkeys who won't let him deliver the mail," the caller said.
Group Of Wild Turkeys Surrounds NJ Mailman's TruckA mailman was crying 'fowl' after getting surrounded by a group of wild turkeys.
Bureaucratic Red Tape Could Be Blocking A Solution To Staten Island’s Wild Turkey ProblemFlocks of birds are menacing residents on Staten Island and may be causing health and safety issues. Residents want the birds removed, but unharmed.
Lawmakers Looking To Relocate Staten Island TurkeysWild turkeys have been a nuisance for sometime in the Ocean Breeze section of the borough and elected officials are now looking to relocate the turkeys to new homes.
Nature Advocates Protest Against Slaughter Of Wild Turkeys On Staten IslandResidents and nature advocates protested Wednesday against the slaughter of wild turkeys on Staten Island, arguing that the claims that the birds are unsanitary are false.
Staten Island Residents Getting 'Turkey Survey'According to a report, 700 residents are being surveyed about wild turkeys which roam parts of Staten Island. The Department of Environmental Conservation wants to know what locals think of the birds.
Wild Turkeys Invade, Take Over Part Of Staten IslandCall it fowl play. Turkeys are running in traffic, in backyards and even in the middle of the street. The birds are a real nuisance near Staten Island University Hospital.