Uber Technologies App To Make Car Service Prices Cheaper Than CabsThe car service app Uber Technologies announced pans Tuedsay Tuesday to cut its prices temporarily in New York City, so as to make its service cheaper than a yellow cab.
NYC Cabbies Losing Money After Glitch Knocks Out Credit Card ReadersA technical glitch has been knocking out meters, televisions, navigation systems and credit card readers in many New York City taxis, costing hundreds of cabbies a whole day’s pay.
TLC Commissioners Green-Light New Taxi Fleet Due To Hit The Road Next YearNissan won a 10-year contract to build the Taxi of Tomorrow, beating out other prototypes in a contest in 2011. But there have been some vocal opponents of the new taxis, who criticized approval of the new fleet.
Judge Puts Temporary Hold On NYC's Outer Borough Taxi Plan The plan would let the city sell 18,000 permits and allow livery cabs to pick up passengers who hail them on streets in upper Manhattan and the other four boroughs. Currently, only yellow cabs are permitted to do that.
Yellow Cab Owners Sue Over New Passenger Plan For Livery CabsOwners of New York City's signature yellow cabs sued Wednesday over plans to let livery cars pick up passengers on the street outside the heart of Manhattan, turning to a court on the eve of an expected vote to put the proposal in action.
Cab Drivers Win Right To Veto Racy Taxi Roof AdsCab drivers concerned about their role in selling sex are being given more say about the kinds of ads they’re driving around.