One Broken Arm Later: Nate Burleson’s Pizza Vs. DiGiorno (It’s Not Delivery)

  • Delivery?
    Probably not. Unless he was the one delivering it. In which case, his agent’s gotta get him a new contract.
    Not...sure. If only there was some resource to tell us whether or not DiGiorno was delivered or not.
  • Level of Risk?
    One would assume “low”, but, well, here we are.
  • Worst Risk of Injury?
    An arm shattered in two places, apparently.
    Burned tongue; crippling diarrhea
  • Ready for action after consumption?
    November, best case scenario
    The next day, unless he went heavy on the red pepper flakes.
  • Conspiracy Theory Moment?
    MAYbe...he got the pizza from an establishment owned by a Packers fan! actually IS delivery! Wait, who cares?
  • Worth crashing a car over?
    Depends. Was it meat lovers?
    Heavens, I can’t imagine.
With a score of 4-3, Nate Burleson’s fracture pizza somehow takes the edge! Looks like you party people had better stick to Elio’s. -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor