The Academy Awards/Oscars (Photo by Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

(Photo by Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

The 88th annual Academy Awards — a night of glamour, celebrities and films — presents the perfect opportunity to host a great party for all your movie-loving friends and family. So pull out the costumes, champagne, popcorn and fake red carpet, and enjoy a night of guessing who will take home an Oscar this year. Seri Kertzner and Michelle Bachman, from Little Miss Party Planner, present tips for throwing a very successful and glamorous Oscar party.

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Seri Kertzner and Michelle Bachman run Little Miss Party Planner, a boutique party planning company that focuses on the client’s needs above all else. Both Seri and Michelle are very qualified in the fashion and event planning business, with Seri working in the fashion industry for about a decade and Michelle holding a degree in fashion merchandising and also working in the fashion industry for a decade. In the summer of 2011, Seri and Michelle launched Little Miss Party Planner after they realized they “shared a passion for entertaining and celebrating life’s precious moments.” Now Seri and Michelle are sharing some helpful tips on how to host the best Oscar party yet.

Choose A Theme Based On One Of The Best Picture Nominees

The ladies at Little Miss Party Planner suggest an easy way to create a fun theme for your Oscar party. They recommend crafting your theme around one of the Best Picture nominees. For example, a fun ’50s night could be centered on the film “Brooklyn,” or a space theme could showcase Seri and Michelle’s favorite, “The Martian.”

Create A Menu That Fits Your Theme

Continuing with “The Martian” theme, Little Miss Party Planner suggests having your food choices match one of the Best Picture movies as well. For example, using “The Martian,” Matt Damon grows Martian potatoes. Seri and Michelle propose building a fun menu with potatoes as your base, like a baked potato bar with a variety of toppings for guests to add as they wish; chili, sour cream, cheese, scallions and bacon bits are just a few ideas.

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Set Out Chalkboard Labels Or Plain White Stickers For Guests To Mark Their Drinks With

Using chalkboards or labels is a good way to cut down on clean up and wastage. Staples or Avery sells sheets of 10 labels that can be downloaded and printed on 2×4 stickers. Don’t forget the markers and water bottles (or as they say in the “The Martian,” reclaimed water).

Play A Game While You Watch The Show

Who doesn’t like a party game? Little Miss Party Planner recommends coming up with games for your guests to partake in while watching the Academy Awards. You and your guests could take a sip of your cocktail every time someone says “The Martian” or “Matt Damon,” for example. There are also other games to try, like “Oscar Bingo.”

Pre-print The Ballots For Your Guests To Play Along

According to Michelle and Seri, “everyone loves to bet on the Oscar nominations.” You can find templates online and have them printed and ready with sharpened pencils for when your guests arrive.

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