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Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially when it comes to going out to eat. Not only are there picky eaters and sensitive ears, but they also require something safe and not too smokey. But, of course, everyone deserves a nice meal out on vacation. Luckily, Mexico City has a host of highly rated delicious restaurant choices with meals and atmosphere that will certainly please the whole family.

El Cardenal
tel. +52 55 5521 8815

El Cardenal is one of the best places in Mexico City to take the family for lunch or dinner. For over 45 years, El Cardenal has served up award-winning food at its five locations throughout Mexico. Forbes Mexico recently praised its homemade mole sauce in a popular YouTube video, which has helped make El Cardenal a popular stop for tourists. El Cardenal is the ideal setting for a nice dinner, where the whole family can sit at one table with cloth napkins.

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tel. +52 55 8596 9004

If one of your vacation goals is to get your kids to like Mexican-style seafood, take them to Peces. The restaurant features a super laid-back atmosphere, which makes it easy to take the family for a quick bite to eat without a plan or reservation. Peces makes some of the highest-rated fish tacos in the city; they are adored by locals and tourists alike. Not sure where to start? Try the chorizo and sardine tacos, and don’t be fooled by this strange sounding combination, they are delicious!

Anderson’s Reforma
tel. +52 55 5208 2150

Anderson’s Reforma is a fun, classic, family-owned restaurant with a cheeky side. Its motto reads “just another restaurant and bar,” but truthfully, it is anything but. The walls and menus are adorned with fun black and white photos that make it somewhat reminiscent of an American-style pub. Anderson’s satisfies all tastes because its menu extends far beyond traditional Mexican to also include American favorites and even some Italian classics. Because of its extensive menu and cheerful atmosphere, Anderson’s Reforma is the best suggestion for families with younger children. 

El Pialadero de Guadalajara  
tel. +52 55 5211 7708

El Pialadero de Guadalajara is a great place to go to introduce your children to true Mexican classics. Its menu is simple, but what it does, it does very well, making this restaurant known for having some of the best torta sandwiches in Mexico City. Luckily for picky eaters, patrons get to choose their level of spiciness before ordering their dishes, so even the youngest members of the family can order without fear. El Pialadero is fairly casual, so it is great for lunch or a low-key dinner. Insider tip: regulars recommend the torta ahogada.

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Gotan Restaurante Argentino
tel. +52 55 5535 2136

This super affordable restaurant is great for families on a tight vacation budget. Typical meals are between $5 and $7. While Gotan Restaurante has some Mexican favorites, it also includes influences from Argentina and Italy, making this a more interesting choice if you’re getting sick of standard Mexican cuisine while on vacation. Gotan is also a good stop for families with limited knowledge of Spanish, as the staff is fluent in English and is happy to help translate the menu for you or answer any other questions you may have. And parents, have no worries, while the restaurant is casual, it still features a full bar – we know you might need a glass of wine after a full day (or more) with the family! 

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