The basic recipe is simple: cook some chickpeas, grind them up, add some tahini, olive oil, salt and a touch of lemon. So what is it about hummus that is so wonderful? Get your fix at some of the best places in the city. By Camille DeMere.

(credit: Hummus Kitchen)

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Hummus Kitchen makes it easy to be healthy. They offer flavorful, silky hummus that is never heavy. Enjoy it with a whole wheat pita. They’re so focused on your well being, they serve what they call a “Super Healthy Salad” as well. It’s mostly quinoa, a grain that will make sure your meal has a protein kick. Hummus Kitchen is a little pricier than other spots, but we think it’s worth the few extra dollars.

(credit: The Hummus Place)

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The Hummus Place does their signature dish right, and doesn’t waste time with too many extras on the menu. Enjoy the rich, creamy spread with whole fava beans, mushrooms, chickpeas or tahini on top. For a full meal, share the Shakshuka (a stew of tomato, peppers, onions and eggplant with 2 fried eggs) . Stop by during the week during your lunch break and take advantage of their great special: a full plate of hummus, an appetizer and 2 hot pitas for less than $8

(credit: Mimi's Hummus)

Hummus lovers flock to this Brooklyn spot for the delicious, creamy fare whipped up by Mimi and her staff. This tiny hole-in-the-wall can only fit about 15 people, though. Rest assured that the hot, fluffy pita and variety of hummus – they serve one with ground beef – will make any seating woes disappear.

(credit: Moustache Pitza)

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For a lighter, smoother hummus, try Moustache. It has just the right hint of lemon and sesame. This is a cash-only spot. The prices are friendly, so you won’t have to go too deep into your pocket. Make a meal of it with falafel, or try one of Moustache’s super-yummy pitzas – the middle eastern variation on the Italian classic.

(credit: Taim)

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Hummus, however delicious and filling, is rarely a meal without a few additions. That’s where Taim’s full menu comes into play. Get a few of the crunchiest, most flavorful falafel in town as well as an Israeli salad with your dip – you won’t be disappointed.