(Credit: Clipart)

(Credit: Clipart)

New York City is arguably one of the best cities in the world. And we happen to have some of the best writers, thinkers, photographers, eaters, designers and reviewers anywhere in the world. The best bloggers are those who have a specific focus with a wide reach. From good food to cheap fashion finds, the following bloggers tell you exactly what New York is all about.

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If you’re looking for makeup, fashion or shopping tips, this is the blog to use. Mercedes Sanchez, the owner of the blog, focuses BeChic on the best and least expensive looks for both women and men, with giveaways and contests to keep her followers actively engaged. Mercedes has lent her expert advice to multiple talk shows both in New York and beyond, and posts about the highlights of her travels to fashion shows, television studios and red carpets. While her focus is on Latina women, Mercedes’ blog is open and accessible to everyone.

Serious Eats

A dripping ice cream sundae. Crispy bread crust. Pale, frothy ale. Grilled-to-perfection chicken cutlets. The photos alone are enough to make your mouth water. Serious Eats, based in New York but with a wide range of followers, provides you with the best recipes and restaurant reviews around town. Taking you inside the chefs’ kitchens of famous eateries and bakeries, Serious Eats is serious about good food. Its writers bring you great articles about the rise of Korean cuisine, the making of Katz’s Deli’s famous pastrami sandwich, the best cooking classes, interviews with chefs and so much more.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York brings viewers right into the middle of this vibrant and diverse city. Run by self-taught photographer Brandon Stanton, the blog’s goal is simply to document individuals on the streets of New York. People of all ages, race and religion are featured every day on Stanton’s blog, which has become so popular that a book of the same name has been published and made the New York Times bestseller list. In August and September, Stanton is traveling the globe through the United Nations to photograph individuals and tell their stories to New York and beyond.

Ephemeral New York

If you have any interest in history, architecture, art, commerce, urban planning or really anything to do with New York’s growth, then you’ll love Esther Crain’s blog. A freelance writer, Crain blogs about the city during its golden age, from the 19th century and beyond. Old newspaper advertisements for toilet paper or bicycles, photos and paintings of the building of Central Park and plans for the replacement of Grand Central Station are among the unique finds on this site. Get a taste for what New York used to be like in Ephemeral New York and compare it to today’s own bustling city streets.

Art Nerd New York


Art is everywhere in New York – not only in the museums and galleries but out on the streets and in the parks, right in front of you. Art Nerd tells you all of the best spots to discover the coolest art. Not necessarily highlighting the top exhibitions around town, Art Nerd is more about leading you to unique places in New York that you may have never been to before, or to sculptures and buildings you’ve passed every day but never knew about. If you’re interested in what’s in a specific neighborhood, every article is broken down into specific areas of the city as well.

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