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Spring is finally here in New York City. The season brings warmer weather and a host of new trends in clothes and accessories. Brookelynn Starnes-Statland from Cloak & Dagger and Emily Irons from In Support Of NYC have five trends for you to check out this spring and into summer.

Brookelynn Starnes-Statland
Cloak & Dagger East Village
334 E. 9th St.
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-0500

Time Out New York, Gotham Magazine and Racked have voted Cloak & Dagger as one of NYC’s best boutiques several years in a row. The store is great because as a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs and wants. Cloak & Dagger carries brands like Samantha Pleet, Rachel Comey, For Love and Lemons, and L’ecole Des Femmes. According to owner Brookelynn Starnes-Statland, “To sum it up, we are the cutest boutique for the most badass babes.”

Starnes-Statland is the creative force behind Cloak & Dagger, launching the store in 2006. She has a BFA from the Pratt Institute.

Emily Irons
In Support Of
342 W. 13th St.
New York, NY 10014
(646) 657-0724

In Support Of was founded in 2014 by Tanya Sheikh and Ivan Gilkes. Their goal was to bring inspiring talent to the forefront while supporting causes that they considered to be important. The store features clothing and other items that are unique, detail-oriented, well constructed, and objects that are both wearable and innovative. It’s aim is to create clothes that are modern yet well made. According to Irons, “We love pieces that have a voice and tell a story, designs with an innate sense of beauty in a wide palette of colors and prints.”

Stock Up On AccessoriesJewelry Holders Mother\'s Day

The ladies at both In Support Of and Cloak & Dagger suggest you stock up on cute accessories this spring. According to Starnes-Statland, a statement accessory like a funky purse or shoe will be the ticket to look great for the warmer weather. Irons focuses on the swimwear. She says that a one-piece swimsuit will look great for spring.

Jeans And Matching Sets

Why not be comfortable for the new season? Starnes-Statland says that a staple straight-leg jean will be hot this season. Irons suggests a matching jean and top set, with pieces that complement one another. Both are the perfect choice to look wonderful in the warmer weather.

Bold Colors And Prints 

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(Credit: Thinkstock)

Now that spring is here, one way to celebrate is to brighten up your look with expressive colors or prints. Pinks, purples and greens are all the colors of spring and there are various choices for a statement top. Starnes-Statland suggests feminine colors and prints. Irons says the easiest way elevate a casual outfit is with a top that speaks for itself, like a cute graphic tee.

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Showing The Shoulders

This spring, it’s all about shoulders. Whether it’s an off-the-shoulder top or dress, both Starnes-Statland and Irons say that’s the next big thing. At In Support Of, there are several tops and dresses by designers like Sandy Liang and Nomia. Exposed shoulders are a great look because it creates a flattering silhouette on all body types.

Dresses & Appliqué Work 

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One amazing thing about the warmer weather is the ability to wear adorable dresses.  agrees and recommends getting a mini or midi dress for spring. Emily advises that appliqué will be a fun trend for spring. Appliqué work, especially textile appliqués such as felting and patchwork, can’t be beat this season.

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