In the world of television sitcoms, fathers often stand out as memorable and unforgettable and we thought we would pay tribute to some of them in our list of Best TV Dads of all-time. By Danny Deraney

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Mike Brady – Robert Reed – The Brady Bunch

Before railing against bullies was trendy, there was Mike Brady. Till this day, his words of Calm, Cool Reasoning resonate in many a Brady Bunch fan’s mind. This was of course his belief that reason was the best way to deal with strife instead of violence.

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Heathcliff Huxtable – Bill Cosby – The Cosby Show

Up until 1985, how many dad’s were considered rad? Yes, we said rad.
Learning life’s lessons through Monopoly? Performing a gold fish funeral?
Plus, he had some cool friends that taught kids of that generation stories of Civil Rights, equality and jazz. Who else remembers the legendary Joe Williams singing about the infamous March to Washington?

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Homer Jay Simpson – The Simpsons

Did you know early that Homer was based on Walter Matthau? As time evolved, so did the character of Homer, which in turn made him the most beloved cartoon dad of all-time.

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Phillip Drummond – Conrad Bain (Diff’rent Strokes)

Phillip Drummond, although he never seemed to do any work, was loaded. So much so, he bought Arnold and Willis a pony when they first came to stay. How did they get that animal to a roof-top penthouse? Phillip was a widower and took in his dying maid’s kids. Awesome all around. The character set an example of class, equality and the beauty of being a good father and person. He never let one child get away with anything.

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Frank Costanza – Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld)

Why Frank? Besides Jerry Stiller’s brilliant acting, you all know somebody who has quirks like Frank Costanza. Granted, they may have not poisoned an entire fleet of soldiers in the Korean War, worn a man-bra or feeling undisturbed by hearing of his sons death from George Steinbrenner. But everyone has a family that they can relate to with Frank.

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Steven Keaton – Michael Gross (Family Ties)

What would we do baby, without Steven?
Steven Keaton, the patriarch of the Keatons raised three unique children with his wife Elyse in an Ohio town. Both former hippies and staunch liberals, the positive values of Steven and Elyse always seem to drive their kids to their own success. Steven worked at the local public television station in town. Although he kept a calm, yet fun disposition throughout the series, he was never afraid to lay down the law when it came to disciplining the children.

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